Little help with clan please


Hello our leader of hardtokill r1234 or kukaku could not log in for weeks.

Pretty much everybody jump ship already. Today she log-in to tell us she is done. She could not pass the clan to anyone so she just left and said it would auto pick one of us. It did not and now we stuck with no way to make clan adds or anything.

Kukaku is still clan leader and not even in the clan :frowning:

Can you reset our clan with me as leader ?


@HappyPoppers - Can you please send us an email at
They can take care of it there.


Sarah you not fix it :frowning:

If you supermech community leader you should know your community better, The leader already leave the clan in hopes for it to hand it off to one of us :frowning:

We have been top 3 clans for years and now we defunk until sm fix it for us.

Sarah do the right thing :slight_smile:

let us know what we can do…Thanks


We wrote to you from the Support Email.
Please check.