Listen to us tacticsoft

-Pads. They were removed by the community.
-Update. It should be removed by the community.

  • Note- If I spend 100$ 1 day before the update, and spend it all on boxes, without knowing about the update, what happens? You ripped us off is what happens.
    I lik dat Concept

This update is not so bad.

The fact that annoying normal people is a disrespect for old players.

Old mythcal 1 lvl and max lvl with 500.000 points give equally poins for new items. LOL WHAT?

And cost for upgrade its fkin biggest.

Exactly. The cost should at least be cut in half for legacy items. And people who played in beta get the advantage to progress faster. Paying customers will ultimately run over this new era. Though items will now be “free to get” basically, veteran players will still be at a disadvantage. Either remove update or give us some advantage.

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i was a beta player but that doesn’t mean that i’m op after this update. first of all i didn’t get a message when the beta was avaible. i found it out a day before the update came…
and probaly not all beta testers played the beta. i’m loosing almost every battle in pvp even with my legendary torso because the’re players with full myth or legendary. after all i didn’t stand a chance against a lot of players who paid money after the update. i was rank 1 with full stars. after some fights i almost fell to rank 2 ._. . i couldn’t do anything with my old myths. they just suck against the new items. i still regret that i bough 30 chests a week before the update and i have around 1000 items
right now i’m thinking about to quit and sorry for my bad english ;-;


Most people progress faster when they joined beta because they know what to do already. I’m pretty sure they get something in advantage from playing beta, but I forgot what it was. Anyways, update sucks.

They reset the paywall and made it bigger, and they pushed us all back to square one trying to make us think “oh god if I don’t put more money into the game I’m gonna lose my rank” but I’m more concerned about all the money I’ve ALREADY spent on this game, and how that was all basically for nothing. 4+ years of playing this game and everything I’ve done was worthless, I haven’t felt this weak since 2013. This isn’t Supermechs, this is another game I didn’t ask for.

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bro didn’t i told you about the beta players?
they might have an advantage but that doesn’t mean you have no chance against a lot of them. and the devs are talking about our problems after the update right now. just wait a bit :slight_smile:


I was in beta, I was scared before the update. I had a feeling something like this would happen. And no beta people don’t have any advantage, or at least not much aside from prior knowledge of the change in the game mechanics.

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i played the beta and i didn’t get an big advantage. i could bring:
windigo ( epic torso )
rapid destroyer ( epic top )
a laser( forgot name lol ) ( epic top )
some other stuff and 6 levels

not a lot ._.

I was in the beta but I don’t know how Tacticsoft managed to mess up this update so bad since the beta ended…

I played this game for 4 years and they are taking away like 7/8ths of my inventory wtf
I kept nothing but mythicals forthis whole time, and now they think they can just make them suddenly suck ass like wtf also what i with boosting price???

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I burn through too many items. You can play for 30-40 min and grind over 50k+ coins :\

I don’t have enough items to fuse anymore.

Same, once you spend all your old items it’s a lot harder.

What is happening is that despite all good intentions, there are players who have started buying again. And while tacticsoft raises money, they will not fix anything.

Everyone owns do with their money what they want. And they also say that the human being is the only one capable of stumbling 2 times with the same stone.

I am still undefeated, I have not put a single $ on this. Now with the money I put here, buy other things. I am no longer “pro”, I lose a lot, sometimes I walk for 500 and others I go to 4,000. I don´t care at all !! I’m not going to get stupid for a mediocre game that nobody knows.

Follow the circus!


I went from a consistent top 10 player to I’m stuck bouncing between rank 1-2. Maybe if they don’t do anything for a month I might spend money, but not yet. I love Supermechs, but I demand they act on some of our requests.


I will not, I got used to not spending. I learned a very important lesson. Maybe not in the best way, but I learned. It’s the positive thing I rescue.

I know that I’m going to get stuck when finish the famous grace period, I have even more than 1000 items that I cannot fuse for lack of coins, so I’ll even lose the legendary on the 19th. If that was another trick to encourage me to open the pocket again, with me they were wrong.

I will not say how much I invested in this game in 1 year, but it was a lot. And the same money that I invested, they used to look for the way to defraud me.

When they charge me to fuse my mythical, I am paying them again. I paid they once and now I have to pay to return them. What is it? A punishment for being fool?

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You don’t lose the items in your inventory, it will just stop you from getting new ones.

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It’s what I said … as I will not be in time to get rid of all the mythical, I will lose theday 19 legendary.