List with ALL the mech types

General Mech Types:

Physical (In general) [Still up.]
Heat (In general) [Still up.]
Electric (In general) [Still up.]

Rockets (in general) [It’s still up.]
Bullets (in general) [It’s still up.]

Non-ammo Physical [This type of mech disapeared in 2017.]

Physical Melee [This type of mech disapeared in 2017.]
Heat Melee [Not Very used, but it’s still up.]
Electric Melee [This type of mech disapeared in 2017.]

Heat Capacity Drainer [Used by Recent Top Ranks Players.]
Electric Capacity Drainer [Exists, but no one uses.]

Cooling Drainer [Very used by Recent Top Ranks Players.]
Regeneration Drainer [Exists, but no one uses.]

Push (AKA “Cancerous Mechs”) [It’s still up.]
Position Controler (Knockback Weapons. + Pull Weapons.) [Not very used, but it’s still up.]

Repair (Mechs that uses repair drone but also focus in making damage.) [It’s still up.]


Rockets + Bullets [Not very used, but it’s still up.]
Melee + Ammo [Not very used, but it’s still up.]
Melee + Long Range Weapons [Not very used, but it’s still up.]

Element Mixes:

Physical + Heat [Very low used]
Physical + Electric [This type of mix disapeared in 2017.]
Heat + Electric [No one uses]

[Mixes in general are not very used, but are still up.]

Please comment if i forgot any type!


Nice list @KilliN !

How about what type of Mechs/strategies are best to counter each of these (or at least the more popular builds)?


heat capacity drainer = melting mechs?

if not, you forget melters = drain heat and resist with pull and push (great to kill cancer)…

and swarms with push ( firewall plus swarm ), nice vs full swarms…

and dragon (dual nova, dual coldfire, push and electric legs) god vs… anyone :open_mouth:

so you forget talk about my babys :hugging:


Those are builds, not mech types :heart:


I’ll work on this!


you still dont talk about my babys…:disappointed_relieved:

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Heat capacity drainers are mechs that uses Heat Desolvers, Engine Breakers, and The Drone Heat Eruptor.

Babys? :neutral_face:


bunny, icy and lizard… my mechs…

bunny is the most white cute bunneh on game witn swarm, firewall and evil flame, s superduper heater.

icy is my dragon, coldfire mk1 and mk2, nova mk1 and mk2, push and 750hp+ sooo hard like a dragon (he is now on the mech contest).

and lizard, firewall, rear, drainer and melter… the cure vs cancer :open_mouth:

those are my babys jeje :hugging:


They’re cute :3 i wanna see bunny :blush:

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love it now :rabbit:

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yep, thats the idea :hugging:

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[Fluxeon] Hugs for all the bunneh wabbuts? [/Fluxeon]


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Great list, by the way. There are a lot of mech types out there, huh? Most I don’t know of.

What about an all-element mech? (Heat-Electric-Physical) These are usually used by the new players. Not very effective, but in the low levels, they usually go for whatever deals the most damage, not thinking about the elemental effects yet.

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[Mixes in general] :slight_smile:

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Yesss gimme dis perk plis


Can you do a corgi perk @KilliN? :smiley:

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Shibe defeat heckin corgi


so sad to see energy is a dump stat :frowning:

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Gimme a screen shot of your mech

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