List of some suggested changes

These are my suggestions (meaning you might not agree with them) to TS for doing something about the new update. Enjoy.

  • Globally boost SM droprate on campaign by 10% on easy, 20% on hard, 30% on insane.
  • Reduce Fusion costs by 75% (example: 1000 SM for a fusion would be 250 SM).
  • Keep current transformation costs.
  • Buff Big Boy’s reward to 85% chance for a single epic item, 35% chance for a second epic item, and roughly 1/25 chance for a legendary item. Increases rates by 1.20x if done on hard and 1.40x rates when on insane.
  • Increase max item limit globally (Base 150 + Player’s level x 3 + level up reward), 25 tokens to increase max item storage by 10. Price increases by 5 tokens for each purchase.
  • Change premium box price back to two epic items and double the current chance for a legendary, increase the box price to 100T.
  • Nerf the Silver box price increase from 1000 SM extra per box to 500 SM, add very slight chance for a legendary (roughly 1/120 chance).
  • Nerf buying fuel costs by half (20T -> 10T).
  • Reduce fuel refueling time to 3 min per fuel.
  • Increase EXP reward from campaign by 5% on easy, 12.5% on hard, 20% on insane missions.
  • Reduce the level required for item slots (5~10 levels).
  • Increase level up rewards (example: leveling up to 42 gives 22k SM and 2 tokens -> lvl 42 gives 50k SM and 50 tokens).


  • Award all missing level up rewards due to level skipping (when you logged into the new version you were assigned a level on par with the EXP you had but no rewards for being that level and all others before it were given).
  • Some sort of ranking system with a player being able to chose what rank he/she wants to fight in with higher ranks giving more rewards but having harder enemies and lower ranks having easier fights but with less rewards (Example: Gold League gives top 8 players 75,000 SM, 15 tokens, and 5 premium boxes every 3 days while Platinum League gives top 5 players 125,000 SM 30 tokens, 1x 25,000 powerkit, and 3 legendary items every 5 days). A participating incentive would be given to all players who partook in scaling to their fights completed multiplied by their league rank. Of course with hackers this could be just abused so somebody looks at SM admins would have to overlook high stake matches.
  • Reimplement SM premium accounts. 50 Tokens for 24 hours, 125 Tokens for 72 hours, 250 tokens for 1 week. Premium accounts give 2x EXP, 2x SM, 33% faster fuel recharge, 1.2x epic chance for silver boxes and 1.1x legendary chance.
  • Add somewhere to purchase actually useful power kits (not these 3rd rate 3,000 PK’s). 25 tokens for 2,500 power, 75 tokens for 7,500 power, 150 tokens for 20,000 power, 300 tokens for 50,000 power, 600 tokens for a max level powerkit (maxes an item’s level).
  • Add in a trash option for items that costs 20% of an item’s value (value = 1,000 for common, 5,000 rare, 10,000 epic, 25,000 legendary, 50,000 mythical, trash price is halved for legacy items.
  • Add in a penalty for quitting a fight, 2, 5, 10, 30 etc… minutes of -20% exp and -20% SM gain. Can be removed twice for free, refreshes daily.
  • Add a official list of items of legendary rarity or higher.

That covers most of my personal (maybe not yours) concerns for the future of SuperMechs. Read if you care leave if you don’t, leave some feedback if you feel like it :stuck_out_tongue:


ALL very good suggestions, which this game really WOULD need !

But tacticsoft will not change anything, they are to money-greedy to go a step back !

And you missed one more point …

  • Please let us kick out of the chat (during writing) back to the workshop more often !

^^ This was not changed since years now, so your hope for really needed changes will go into the cellar !



I would also like to say if you get a bonus item card that actually says bonus on it, it should really be a bonus and not count for number of cards.
In other words you open a premium box now and get a bonus kit it should not be the only item because you can not use kits for transformations.


And I agree with @bestplayerintheworld being kicked to workshop from chat gets really annoying.

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Any ideas why that happens or did TS just put it in there for the lols…?

Agree with everything, except using Tokens to level your items.

And the “ranking system” idea has to be changed so that instead of you choosing which league you want to enter, it limits you to what items you have equipped on your mech. (Epic League = Epic Items or lower, can be maxed etc.)

Perhaps if your item has an equivalent Epic level, and it’s currently a Legendary or Mythical, it gets downgraded to a max level Epic item, for battles in that league.


Good suggestion but almost all legendaries and mythicals tend to not have a epic counterpart item. Maybe a damage reduction could be implemented:
For calculating damage:
Hypothetically let’s say that an item deals 200~300 damage, 40% of its hit damage is reduced if the item has unlimited uses (200~300 -> 120~180). If the item has 2 or more uses, 30% damage reduction (200~300 -> 140~210). If the item has a single use, 25% damage reduction plus 25% reduction in other effects (heat, energy, cooling, regen, resistance drain) (200~300 -> 150~225 and 60 heat damage -> 45 heat damage).

Or you could add a system where a cpu compares two opponents avg. dps and nerfs it accordingly, however that works out… probs wouldn’t work now that I think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

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All Legendaries and Mythicals tend to include nonsense like the armor modules, which should have NEVER been Legendary-Mythical, so I think it’s better not to have them. :wink:

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Agreed on that, but still it wouldn’t surprise me if TS recalled all legendary~mythical armor mods and gave them buffs like extra resistance or integrated extra cooling/energy regen… just means more money for them :stuck_out_tongue: