List of people who don’t like base in its current state

Since Tacticsoft clearly doesn’t know how many people hate base, add your name here if you don’t like base in its current state.

  1. Bioniclefan414
  2. TheWindWeaver
  3. L4K3
  4. Fyrestare
  5. jhjln87
  6. Copper
  7. Trafalgar
  8. MCG_567_YT
  9. AnonymousDemon
  10. MasterChief/SavvySalmon
    (Oof ten so far, and most are pretty active here, maybe that’s a sign @Sarah247?)
  12. Khalil_fears/Fears_curse
  13. Matt_Record
  14. pleasurebot3000
  15. Rikka
  16. Neutrino019
  17. Darkstare
  18. Wombat
  19. Padaruyos
  20. Dragonslayer

To make a petition we could just make it a wiki and tell people to add their name if they want.

Just pointing out.

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The option isn’t appearing for me .-.

And i, add me on the list plz.

Base update is great

As long as u don t enable it


It only appears for regulars and leaders, you’d have to flag it and ask for it to be a wiki.
(this is what I did for my youtuers list)


add me to that list :stuck_out_tongue:

Count me in

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me. i would prefer if costs were decreased, and stuff was generally better, and silverboxes… lots and lots of silverboxes…


i only want silver boxes for my alt, not even my main acct, because im trying to make 3 legies. @Bioniclefan414

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U know that u can write the whole community there and they won t lift a finger,that s how they act


At least there’s a nice list showing that a large portion of the community hates it in its current state

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That s well known and it s sad that they did that since it could be a great way to improve the current game
i said it could be


can’t you make the topic open edit like mechlopedia?

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I wonder if they’d remove/change it if the entire community said we hated it. Probably not.

Count me in for this list.

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Lost regular so I can’t.

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Im starting not to like base either, add me in 12.

I didnt do it because I could tell of its flaws. I did it on my alt account and it sucks

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how do you lose it? I think i still have it

i like base

cause i dont use it it dont matter to me

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