List of all Updates!

hey guys, nice to be back after 3 years. Please help me to catch up with the game by posting all the updates that took place.
Also what happened to our previous forum ? and Is it safe to still play with my previous account ?
Further, can anyone explain why G3, G4, G5 is stopped ? and why population of galaxies server too less ??

  1. Here is the latest update :slight_smile:

  2. Previous forum has been locked down due to bots spamming (craazzy shit lel), and your account should be fine

  3. Galaxy has slowly been dying since its release, it’s a place where some teams farm wins now, not that much competition.


Galaxy has improved more recently and seems to have an okay amount of players. Hopefully it will continue to improve meaning G3 could reopen. :slight_smile:

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Oh yea, I did notice G1 got traction because of its speed, but other than that it is mostly dominated by 3-4 teams

yea i also from one of those teams and nearly boared because there is no war :frowning:

If your bored challenge yourself!

You could take a new player on each era. This will make sure that Galaxy has an income of new players. If every team did this every era you would quickly double the population of BG.

Also try warring your friends! Nothing wrong with having different allies and enemies each era. I’ve warred many friends in BD and have played in an alliance with them at the same time.

If you have an idea of how to make the world more interesting you could message the admin and see if they like your idea.

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or post your ideas here on the suggestions page and make a poll to see if people approve :slight_smile:

i just don’t get it. Everyone says that play on BD if you want war. but honestly, i never like those theme instead galaxies theme is so cool !!
Galaxy theme is so intresting even then why not BD players come and compete with us ?

I loved that suggestion. Even i had dream of fighting my own alliance, but you know i just don’t want to loose my friends as i have only one alliance.

Even if i play with a new account to hide my identity i would just lack members in my team. you know i can’t do everything alone even if i am very active.

But yes! I must admit that i would love to fight my own alliance as all of them are so experienced and strong players :slight_smile:

so now What do you suggest ??

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Happy to see someone who thinks galaxy is cool.

One major change is that the voting system has been replaced by daily reward. This chnage was brought in somewhere around early 2015.

This is the problem in galaxy. Its a smaller group of people so you end up playing with them more and mixing up the teams less :confused:

Just go for it. Get a team you think could match your friends and plant under a different name without medals showing. Anyone that holds a grudge against you shouldn’t play BD or BG. Its Battle Dawn/Galaxy not Hug Dawn/Galaxy.

Merging it with bd is a soloution