List of all old features


Lets do it for funsies , continue with anything you can remember.

  • The Chain fight campaign

  • Friend list

  • The 3 card daily reward , with ocasional legendaries.

  • Chatting while looking for an opponent

  • World map campaign

  • Shop

  • Being able to buy legendaries from the shop

  • Gold Boxes

  • First Mythical - UltraSpade.

Continue with anything that was great back then!


Damn, I miss those…

I also miss this :confused:


Normal box cost tokens, selling items


Non-token costing boxes that doesn’t have their price increase with each purchase for no reason.


2 free gold boxes every time there an occasion


You can see all the mythicals in the shop


you can see everithing in the shop with all stats…
so you can figure out what you wanna build…


a mythical for the 3rd week (21st day of reward)