Limited Use Weapons?

Is it just me, or are an alarming percentage of the “new” weapons, like the Royal Launcher, given a fixed and arbitrary number of uses?

One thing I liked about the “legacy” weapons is that weapons with a fixed number of uses were rare and easy to purge from your inventory if you didn’t want them.

Under the new system, though, it seems like if it’s not a melee weapon then I’ve only got one or two shots with it.


Just why?

It makes me want to stick with the “legacy” weapons even though I can’t upgrade them.

Please either get rid of the arbitrary “you only have this many uses” bit or let us upgrade the “legacy” weapons again.

Thank you.

It’s to prevent players from overusing them. You want to see a death punch with unlimited uses?

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that’d be insane, imagine meeting a guy with 3K hp and only one death punch (infinite uses) ur ded right dere

You are dead just by meeting an oponent with 3118 hp, no matter what wepon he uses… even the stomp can kill you in that situation

PS: i’m building one…

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They made a lot of items have a set amount of uses because they removed missiles and bullets from the game.