Limited Time Offers (Worth it or Not)

There are a lot of Limited time offers, now. I like them. There are some good ones and some not. Which Limited time offers are really worth spending tokens on and what not to spend on? That is the question. Every time there is a Limited Time offer, I will be giving my opinion on worth buying or not. I like these offers that keep coming. Some good and some not. Give your opinion, if you feel like. (I should have made this thread a while back, oh well)

Today’s Limited Time : Brutality Deal

  • If you already have Brutality, or any items in this offer, Not worth spending. If you want that premium pack, buy it separately. Save for the next, might be better. Maybe a good offer for a Very New player.

Okay, now for the past offers. Was it worth buying or Not? Did you miss out???..Should have bought them, or maybe should have not bought them

The Avenger Offer

  • If you had any of these items, then not worth it. Once again, spend separately on PP, or save. Like I typed about the Brutality, this offer was for new players.

The Crimson Rapture Offer

  • This one was a No-Brainer to buy. The minute you see the CR, it was a smart buy. You get 2 PP, 2 relics, and more goodies. Yet, for me, I didn’t buy it. Why??? Because I already have 3 CR. I’m also not desperate for 2 PP. If I didn’t have CR, I would have jumped on it. If you didn’t have a CR, you should have jump on this offer.

Spartan Carnage Offer

  • Like the Crimson Rapture, this offer was a No-Brainer to get. I bought this one. I had No SC. I see it in battle, and wanted one. So, I got it. This offer was just like the Crimson, just changed weaponry.

Solar Torch Offer.

  • This is basically half of what you get from the Spartan and Crimson offers. Maybe a little more than half on the fuel. Your paying more, then what it really should cost. It should have been maybe at-least 1250 tokens. Maybe less. Though, I will type this: if you didn’t have Solar Torch, and wanted it, then you should have bought this offer. I did. I didn’t have Solar Torch. Would I call this one a “No Brainer” buy! Not sure. Maybe it was a good spend or Maybe it wasn’t. It would have been more up to you, on this offer.

That’s all for now. I will keep posting on what offers are worth it or not, as they come. If there are any past offers you want my opinion on, I will gladly reply back. Keep this thread alive.




The Solar Torch one was amazing. Considering how low the chances are of getting best-in-class items like this (also items like Valiant Sniper, Magma Blast, Burning Shower, etc.) 1500 is nothing. That’s barely more than gambling on 4 premium boxes. Obviously if you already have one or two it’s not worth it though.

The 2000s are worth it if that’s the item you need for your build.


Today’s Limited offer… (Worth it or not?)

I’m Comparing this to the Solar Torch offer. This offer is actually worth it. You Get More Gold and two Legendary-Myth items. Each item cost about 187.5 Tokens. So, this is actually a great deal. I think I might buy it…


Hell no, Heat/Energy storage units are some of the least useful l-ms out there, might as well have given us 3 transform relics

That is too You. I believe they are useful with the right built.

Name a build that wouldnt be better served by a heat or energy engine.


Those storage units are actually very very useful when needing high caps on energy anti-heat Mechs. Also, the energy storage units allow for high caps on physical Mechs, where regen is not as important as cap. Plus they are 3kg lighter.

The heat storage is also important for energy-free armor builds, where 3 boosters are used in conjunction.

Summary is they are very useful modules to have in an inventory. Higher tier players make good use of these things.


Too bad Sarah muted the topic Energy and Heat Storage Unit Bundle Sale. I’ll just lay down my two cents here on the subject matter.

I think the offer is decent, so I bought it. It isn’t a very exciting offer. It’s like getting socks for Christmas instead of a new PS4 game. :man_shrugging:


idk im not paying 1500 tokens for 1 prem pack and 1 almost useless module

Same here. I bought it. Needed at-least on of each.

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It would be great if you could add the release date of each offer (to see the periodicity and keep some tokens on occasion).

well then buy it because you get 2 almost useless modules EX DE

The Sorrow Offer

  • This deal is okay. I think it is too expensive. That is just me. Sorrow is a good weapon, yet not that desperate to get it. You do get one more item then the Spartan and Crimson, yet you loose refueling, titan coins, and arena coins for the 9th item which is a Transform Relic.

The reason why I wouldn’t get it:

  • 150k Gold: I get more than 150k in one day. I have enough gold as it is
  • Arena Coins: I have everything maxed. Have over 3k coins
  • Titan coins. Don’t need. There no point in spending titan coins
  • Fuel, don’t need that.
  • TR: I make myth food, so don’t need those
  • I don’t have the right build to use it.

Today’s Limited time offer. (Yeah, late advice and busy day. So sue me)

Is this one worth it? To me, no not really. Your really getting any deals here. Lets math it out.

Premium Box = 335
Gold: (50 tokens is 50k gold) so we say = 25
that ads up to 360 leaving 140 to math out
Since four items are yellow: 25 each
The two engines : 20


Not a deal for me…

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Today’s offer

  • This offer is actually very decent, compare to the brutality and avenger offer, because you get one more premium pack with the same 1000t price.

  • If compare to the 1000t for 5 packs offer, this one is more worthy, because first the 2 packs is the same, and the rest 3 packs are convert to 4 legendary items, 150000 gold, 250 clan coin, 150 arena coin and 100 fuel.

  • Getting 4 legendaries from 3 packs are already very good(although they’re not l-m), plus you will get some of the other resources.



No L-Ms so don’t buy it,ain’t decent.

I see an EMP…


Wait for Magma or Bunker…