Limitation of rewards?

Yesterday I enter from the app, I watch videos to get tokens.
Then I go to VS battles, and at the end of each fight I could not claim any money.

Today I do the reverse, I go into battles.
And after fighting I claim the money, I could only claim 3 times.
Later then that option was disabled…

I go back to the store, where the tokens are located,
and I get the legend "there are no videos to watch"
Being, that before going to fight, there was.

It’s like that in any games, ads are made to bring players to other games so they don’t let us watch it like 100 times only for getting rewards, would be wasting money of the ads owners… It’s a bit complex.

At this rate, it will no longer be possible to continue with Economist’s manual :expressionless:

@Well Has this happened, to you too?

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el máximo te dan es 60 por día, se reinicia hasta la siguiente tarde, el watch video no te da ni dinero ni tokens, una vez has recolectado los 60 tokens te da la app

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