Like when you mark the combo legend

Well what do I have to do with the physical module? It does not help me any good … I do not know but I will occupy it to transform my drone into a mythical one

It may prove useful in the campaign, specific during Phys mech missions (they pack a fuck ton of a punch). So I’d keep it unless you’ve got a new myth coming up, eh eh (The phys module, dunno bout the torso, it’s trash).


I do not know how bad it was not a legendary triple protection module there, if it would not erase that if it’s something very rare to obtain :confused:

Any resistance modules are very rare. I suggest you keep it unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE you won’t need it.

I’m sure I will not occupy it I would occupy it it was legendary triple protection there I do not erase it even if they give me a mythical windigo

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I’d rather waste 6 easy to get epics and 100k coins and fuse up a legendary than use a premium. Module! I havnt got a single premium item in the game yet! Unless u will buy 300k tokens later on I wouldn’t waste ANY premium items

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As @Transcendant says, I’d keep it for campaign. I’d even level it up and get it to mythical to make the grind easier. They can give up to 59 resistance at max level which means in a campaign with about 6 mechs that all shoot you about 7 times you could save a total of 2478 health :slight_smile:


You make me feel like sh*t for fusing mine oof

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that ‘useless’ Ronin tho, just fuse it away for a mythical.

Well I think you gave me a great idea so that titan will occupy the module … While I already have a technique to be able to have legendaries easily, maybe I’ll get something good while I’ll farm the titans. If they give me something like triple protection, that’s if I want it. And if I get a box with two legendary as yesterday with a legendary HP module will destroy my cheap copy as every day 10 times faster :smiley: after that I will destroy the 20 pilots that I wanted to beat them to the point of earning respect celestial rank !!!

[spoiler] “cough cough”

Upload of power xD “cough cough”


Well ok I got rid of the upload … it lasted 3 minutes but well … someone thinks that it would be a good idea to improve the brutality to be able to put these modules?

I’m regretting having improved the torso windigo a little maybe improve the brutality after improving my drone murmur to mythical or maybe it’s around