Lightning Supporters?


So that quite good energy legs, have some more damage then his analauge( charge walkers? Or somethink like it) and weight more on 2 ton

i have them… i have all the energy legs except the premium electric wheels (don’t know name)

i just got them randomly from a level up box

wow, all i’ve gotten from a level up box is a last words, metal maniacs, and valiant sniper

sad thing is i can’t level them up a for a while cause im focusing on a new shotgun

what shotgun? (normal-epic, leg-myth)

a epic :smiley: :point_left:

Faithful steel? Yep?

correct how did you know?

i’d say it’s not worth it but do what you must, i saw someone once dual wield 2 phy shotguns (epic) and had some decent stats with zark torso and grave diggers… dont know modules tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember name of that shotgun) i play with it a lot of time( before i take last word…)

also focusing on upgradeing a legendary

im focusing right now on mything my brutality, it’ll be my 2nd myth

i still have a legacy myth

really? what does it do? (only legacy i have is a legendary charge module)

platinum skeletion mark 3

Are you serious?..I have had 5 of them

cool dude

i just have it cause im to lazy to find something better