Lightning Supporters or Devouring Paws?


So, I was playing the game. I was doing ladder battles as usual. Then, I see almost everyone I see has devouring paws. So I though, maybe it is a decent leg. Then, literally completing BigBoy’s mission, I got Devouring Paws. At this point, I had no idea what to do. So, I have lightning supporters as of right now, and I am a energy mech. But I also want to use the Devouring Paws too, so I am stuck on this situation. Note I am an energy mech. [poll type=regular]

  • Lightning Supporters
  • Devouring Paws

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You are energy player… use lighting supporters
And you need to put single chose lol


If you are na energy mech , use lightning support, there is no need to use heat legs in energy mechd


Read again lol , he said it twice


Neither followers of one or other. I simply choose the legs by the weight and HP points.

I mean, first I put the torso and the weapons and then I see which legs are better so that I can get more HP. I don´t pay attention to dmg or if they are energy, heat or phys.


Oh oops
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Now I need an energy cart, one of those that advance 3 places, to place in heat. It would help me by the weight …


Lighting supporter+ 2 last swords + malice bean+ hyster + face shocker if you don’t have vanilla snipping or legend to myth energy weapons. And zarkare or average torso if you don’t have premium plants. And windigo is ok.


Well, I already have 5/6 of those items. My torso is Windigo, Mythical, I don’t have 2 Last Words, but I am too heavy. The modules I have is giving its weight… oh wait. I just checked. It might have enough for another last words…



can you show me your mech pic?


40 PM


Also, I checked. I don’t have enough weight for another last words. Its so heavy :confused:


Eww… big daddy is ok. you have face shocker?


Why an ew? Its a fine mech. I am happy with it. And yes, I do have faceshocker.


I just said nothing


energy need to drain not to overheat
lightnings are the best energy legs on game also they have more hp than devouring paws
devouring paws are made x dmg oriented heats (or explosives if u wanna be technical)