Lightning supporter to myth or work on sparked runners?

My lightning supporters are ready to upgrade but I have a legendary sparked runners sitting at level 1… should I switch to those? Any advice?

The 3 movement is important for many energy mechs who use weapons which are in long range. I would use the sparked runners if i was you but it’s still your choice.


So hypothetically if I was using close range weapons like stormweaver axe and ash creator, you think the lightning supporters better? Or is a close range energy just foolish? I haven’t found any valiant sniper yet…

based on ur build any of those can be usefull
the choice is
u preffer more hp?
or 1 tile movement more?
i like lightning supporters because i like my mechs have feets
also are the best draining legs
but sparkled runners can be very usefull to keep presure on using ash creator
but with the use of malice beam u will still be ok using lightning supporters
its completely a choice between hp & movement

also the drain on lighting is higher, it becomes helpfull when you end up in the 1 range, like cornered.
Pair that with last words or ash generator, end up as a very nice drain dmg combo.
I also use lighting.

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Yea, I ended up going with lightning and it’s working out well thanks to the high drain. There are a lot of times especially against other energy Mechs when I probably would not reach break if I was using the runners. There are definitely times I could use the range but much less often.

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i am using lightning supporters too but always carry a psyhical grappling hook for energy battles.

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Phis hook nice backup wepon, when drained.
Like the way you handle it.Hook and stomp… dance dance dance