Levels and prem packs/boxes questions

Is it true that your levels affects your chances of legendaries/epics drops from the prem packs or prem boxes ? does this also aplly to fortune boxes ?
Example :Low level = low chance of legendaries from prem boxes/packs

No, it is not true.,

I think so

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How come when I brought premium packs at the beginning half of my game time I only received epics but now I get an average of 2 legendaries?

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No, your level doesn’t affect any drop rate.

I think I remember somebody important saying something disproving this claim of better drops with higher levels…but idk maybe im retarded

That’s highly suspicious with all this proof

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Bad luck much? When the reloaded started i was getting a lot of legendaries

yeah thats probably true

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Urban legend

As someone would say…


No correlation, least to my knowledge.

I got 2 L-Ms at the beginning of the game when I was level 29, and I’ve been having average drop rates ever since.