Level up TIP very misleading


SM TIP: Level up to increase your Fuel, Inventory size, and unlocks new mech slots!

The TIP line in the game is very misleading or outright incorrect.
The fuel doesn’t increase I just get a REFILL
but inventory only once…

Inventory size has increased for me once out of 13+ Level ups so now I have 120.

Is this another one of those CHANCE to win situations which it shouldn’t be as we only start with 115 inventory slots as it is and we are suppose to somehow run 6 bots at 22 pieces per bot equipped (Total 132) not to mention the boosting issue of needing to use specific items for better efficiency.
In categories Torso,Legs,Weapons,Specialty,Modules
THEN ELE - EXP - PYS items in each of those categories…

Not enough room to be efficient so just waste time and money throwing any and all random items at the boost???
After all having usable inventory items as well as items to boost those usable we need space which we currently DON’T HAVE

The fuel cap increase every few levels I think, also you get a refill. My low level account has only ~50 fuel cap but my.lvl 60 one has 84