Level up reward

Today, I reached lvl 96. And as reward, I got 2 tokens and 50 000 gold.

This is hilarious, I got 2 tokens. You could’ve make it at least 10, like it was before. Im still laughing at my ‘reward’. :joy:
I think every player is gonna agree with me, reward for lvl up is funny, and requires much work to reach it. I think we could use some more gold or at least 10 tokens as before, in these poor times in SM, because we are all very poor right now, due to fusing old mythical. :joy:


And we should get the rewards that we missed.
I’m lvl 110… so that is 110 lvls of missing out on the reward we should have got by actualy lvling up.
And i also agree of a increase in the gold and token reward for lvling up… i now have to make 380k xp to lvl up… for 2 tokens and 50 gold…come on.


Level 140 here. I missing out on 140 levels of rewards =p. I think 150 is max? so 10 more levels to reap the rewards.


Lol maja i have no words :laughing: game is on auto destruct mode some things need address very urgent


140? nice, wonder who now has a 150 level?

We need to receive rewards for all our previous levels.


i think the gold is about right but 2 reds seems a bit harsh xD 10 for a lvl up would be nicer and then 50 for every 5th level or something.

edit: im a mod not a tacticsoft employee!


Yes! Maybe premium box for every 10 lvl? :smile_cat: I know I ask too much, but… they are freaking 150 tokens each. I hope at least tokens will be fixed very soon :slight_smile: Thanks for answering us :slight_smile:

Glad you thought to tag me here :joy: but I have no say on the SM side of things in terms of ingame changes :sweat_smile:

But from an outside perspective, I would agree :stuck_out_tongue: 2 tokens seems a tad odd.

hey we dont get any reds at all in BD :sweat:

lol thats because they dont have blue tokens in Supermechs

reds are still better, smh

500000 in the older currency

That part of reward is more-less OK. But 2 tokens are funny, thats my point.

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Not only the post-update level-up rewards are crap, but we didn’t get ANYTHING after “automatically” leveling up based on our XP…

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