Level indicator on upgrade screen; again


in an earlier post i raised the same question. few people answered that ‘dots’ like in the workshop would be good. another answer i got was that the border colour indicates the level of an item.while the second answer is true , i still prefer the first because it also shows us the maximum upgrade level possible.
share your thoughts on this


You mean this ?


did u draw that (in that case ,u did it good)or is it already there?
well you got the point.do u think it is good



well same problems here , upgrading useless things and not upgrading useful things


I usually upgrade as per color type. But i only get charcoal items it will take me year to make 1 full myth build mech.


stuck at legendaries,only old mythical items here(lava spray and meltdown hammer),new items are legendary savagery,scorching feet legs,nightmare torso,epic level shields.now i need atleast 15 legendaries and 300000 gold. gold is ok but 5 legendaries per myth. u know, i haven’t even tried pvp after the update


just to upgrade banshee torso to legendary; needs 27 items atleast,and 60,000gold