Level indicator of items on upgrade screen

when updating i don’t remember which level(i.e rare,epic,legendary etc) a given item is at(especially when i have to sacrifice items for fusion), and i sometimes end up fusing away an epic item,thinking that it is a common item. so please include a level indicator on upgrade screens(just like in workshop). what do u think?

There is a level indicator the border around the items tells you what it is and the number is the level. grey is common, blue is rare, purple is epic, gold is legendary and orange is mythic.

You can also click and hold down to see the description pop up.

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Ok but would it not be simpler to not have to click and hold? Im not sure if the lad means the item level or the potential rarities the item could have. I think it should have the dots showing without you having to click and hold.

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Yes i agree it would be simpler, but i was just explaining how currently works just in case he did not know.

Brb making a poll

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This is the reason I answered it how I did @Kaen. From this it made me think that he did not realize the color of the border shows what it is. Epic being purple and common being grey.

Common grey border

rare blue border

epic purple border

Legendary yellow border

Mythic orange border


That’s unlikely, there’s a pop up when you try to fuse an epic into another item.


thanks to everyone i think now i can watchout

keep your bully, push, 2 use teleports, 2 use grapples 2 use charges if you have them.
Keep a few good shields and regenerating drone.
These are legacy items that have not been remade in the update.

i did it already.as splatter said fusing away epic items didn’t happen after the update, where a warning popup does the thing; before the update, it used to happen.i think i can use ur advice about the coloured borders. also i have’t played pvp after the update

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