Level bug or glitch?


LOL what the heck


@Sarah247 @Mohadib @Malicewolf @Elcent

And here we go again …

  • we had that in the old forum also, some envy people FAKE forum user names to make nonsens (of course again sensless accusing)

  • it is a Littlelost your lost member (of course), please check the IP

  • the topic is again and again accusing about cheating in the public forum WITHOUT any prove

Please stop this nonsense :exclamation:

P.S.: to the ones behind this fake “bestpIayerintheworId” (written with an big i instead of a small L) account, it is pretty funny how much time you invest in such stupid things, instead using the time to help your clan get out of the dirt :exclamation:



I asked if it is a bug or a glitch. Everybody can see the player’s level decreased.


as someone who has never spent money and time in this game, arrives in parachute, falsifies the name of another player (bestplayeroftheworld) and accuses cheat (without any solid evidence) to players who have been spending time and money for years real!


The initial post

Answered by a forum member

Another answer from another forum member

After that you jumped on him like no tomorow.
Bashing and intimidating him.
I say this, there is no smoke without fire.
Ans leave you bullies and defenders of the "rightous"
With this little piece of lecture:
Continuing the discussion from Formal complaint Cheater Player:


ElMetre’s words when he was in his clan :exclamation:

There are several other even more bad examples. No need to copy all here in.

ElMetre change his mind / words like a leaf in the wind :grey_exclamation:

Just to talk against, no matter what the facts are :exclamation:

We all know him like this :grey_exclamation:



Continuing the discussion from Formal complaint Cheater Player:

you only bother them when it’s on the opposite side, but when they’re on your side it does not matter at all! you applaud them.

if for you in that occasion it was good …

so on this occasion it’s very good for me too


Seems just like you. You made a topic about his cheating and wanted a ban but you are okay with him cheating as long as he does that in your clan. What happenned with all that HTK is full of honest players and doesn’t let in cheaters?

People here give up their own principles in a heartbeat.


new user but with information of the olds posts
one account only for answer to my comments?
is a honor that you take the time for this actions special for me!

@bestplayerintheworld check this up!


Good try, but you need to try harder … much more!



To make this stupid accusing an END …

here exclusive for all NO-brainers the facts …

  • HardToKill = Clan of brain, honor and heart :exclamation:

If you like or not, that is YOUR problem :exclamation:

More facts …

  • as soon as we see a suspected account, we REPORT it, as many of yourself said here (AND TRIED to use it against me = ridiculous)

  • tacticsoft has to / had investigate this suspected accounts

  • the MAIN developer @Mohadib wrote to me, that @apure did NOT cheat :exclamation:

HardToKill did ALL correct :exclamation:

So take your ENVY … and try better to pull your OWN Clan out of the DIRT / :poop:, and start to search for real cheaters in your OWN rows, there you will find faster real cheaters :grey_exclamation:

Here once more help for you to handle all that ENVY …


And htk starts insulting and call a player an idiot because he said his opinion.

I want to add some more facts for you: Kevin’s level decreased = exploited the level reset bug

So @Sarah247 investigate this player again please because it looks like he is still cheating and laughing at you that you can’t fix the problem.

And thanks for keeping this topic alive for me anyway.


Learn to read and to understand :exclamation:
Oh and what wonder, an other new forum account … so ridiculous :exclamation:

All staged / produced by Littlelost your lost members, your clan reputation fall deeper and deeper with such ridiculous behaviour every single day :exclamation:




Since llyl kicked that player out after they figured out his cheating but htk let him join after he reseted his level (and reseted his level once again in htk) I think htk’s reputation falls deeper and deeper.

Another fact for you: Im not a llyl member.


Then worry about yourself Goofy, and not accuse others sensless :exclamation:


P.S.: HardToKill’s reputation is so high, no other Clan can ever reach that, special not with the huge cheater-history of Littlelost your lost :wink:


You are even now with Kevin in your clan.


I invite you to directly ask @ Sarah247 this: is it possible to restart the campaign? This is crazy, it’s impossible, what’s done is done! it is ridiculous to think about restarting a complete system that is already done unless you know how to do it to be so sure that if it can be done, let’s ask @ Sarah247 if this is possible? I would like to see the response of @ Sarah247


Yes, me too @Sarah247

But im sure you know the answer because you somehow lowered your level which is also impossible.


oh, another thing that I forgot to say, myself by email gave all the information of my account so that alexander himself would enter it and inspect it


And :question:

I never heard a bad word from him :exclamation:

He is a good one :exclamation: