Level bug or glitch?

Hi guys, can you tell me what happenned to this player’s level? Yesterday he was over level 36 but today he is level 28. Is this a glitch?

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Really? What is he doing in a top clan then?



If in the near future tacticsoft will not respond to cheaters, the game will die.


You say like that because it’s HTK lol, if he was in any other clan you would call him cheater on the first second, that is all.

@KilliN actually this is some random guy (I guess) and not @bestplayerintheworld, you can tell it from the profile picture. Just to clarify.

smh he is still doing this glitch @Sarah247

No, Kevin is NOT a random guy, and how the hell can two users have the same name, wtf…

this one has INtheworld , not OFtheworld

I wasn’t referring to Kevin but to the other bestplayer[quote=“KilliN, post:9, topic:10127”]
and how the hell can two users have the same name, wtf…

Well, you can both write l as a lower case L or as a capital i, so they may have a different name technically…

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Both are INtheworld.

Wrong, they both have ‘in’ on the forum.

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maybe thats the reason idk

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True, see:


It is a big i indeed. But why is my name a problem?

@Sarah247 is impersonation bannable?

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Impersonation? I have this name in the game. Here it was taken so I improvised.
You should ask her about kevin and why is he playing with cheating. Or you think cheating isn’t bannable but using your ingame name is?

Lol i told you she shouldn’t be banned?

Then stop trying to change the subject from the real problem