Letter to the devs. Player's read please!


In the recent days, I’ve surfaced several features that are only available to certain players due to account creation time or similar.

I ask you developers, how is this a great design decision? “Polarizing your community” and segmenting the perceived “benefits” that veteran or newbie players get is in my experience a sure way to piss off the very people that are your livelihood.

Many AAA game developers have done this very mistake look at early days Destiny 2, while this is true that some devs have made it work (blizzard with WoW)

The model seems highly ineffective and hostile to the community of players and your fan base, for SuperMechs. I’ve notice that this community is very passionate, but in the 3 or so months I’ve been playing; I have come to the conclusion that they are rapidly approaching the breaking point.

As the community dissatisfaction reaches critical mass. I ask you devs. How is it a great decision to not be public about certain things (namely the new base building feature).


the devs are adding/testing a new feature that should get your legendaries more attainable. i dont have anything to complain about


@trophy435 testing features is great! Making the game evolve is too. But the focus is: the polarization of the community. Players are not being made aware of the changes in a timely manner, some don’t know until something surfaces in the forum and that generates dissatisfaction.

In your case you are happy about the new features, me too! But wouldn’t you like to know this timely? Get included on the information if not necessarily in the participation?

Think of it like knowing what is going on and what will come up new or are you satisfied with very little knowledge of what is going to come or the design decisions being taken?


polarization? where?? i dont see any ice caps

of course new features will not be accepted by everyone at first, that’s why it’s being tested. if the devs roll it out without testing, people are gonna jump on that complain wagon again. sometimes its best to keep things unannounced because player feedback may just only favor the players and not the company itself. and if it favors the player from feedback, the feature may not be added or be more nerfed than if it was not critiqued.


Haha sorry the ice caps thing made me laugh.

Well I’ve been surfing the forum a bit and I’ve found quite a few comments about the “armory” and “base building” that are expressions of dissatisfaction, not because they were not announced or told. But because people felt left out, hence the polarization of the community, I agree with you wholeheartedly, sometimes it’s best to keep some things under the hood until they are ready. The issue here is, that if that’s your intention you should test it behind closed doors not with the players openly without announcement to the rest for the community.

Because think about it, if they are testing features but they don’t want it to be known. Then why would they put it out there for new players or some players? I mean the community will for sure bring it to the forums and then to the attention of everyone else.

I think a communication of an organized beta testing environment/player group. Would be ideal, people would feel “included” and then healthy conversation can be promoted.

If there are features that are business critical, then those can be left to be tested and fine tuned by the devs without direct feedback as what you said if completely fair game.


well the devs do need guinea pigs that have little to no knowledge of ts’s past. y’know like a blind test


I think that a better solution is to create an easily accessible “PTR Mode” with a changelog as well. I feel like Blizzard and Overwatch are an excellent example of a successful model and as such, I believe that their method of using the PTR is excellent. If SM were to use this as well, your point should be achieved.

I also have noticed dissatisfaction in the community but I recognize this as people being “over-passionate” because their methods of expressing said dissatisfaction center around personally attacking the developers, which I find to be unacceptable. The better method would be to politely and respectfully ask and suggest changes. If I were a dev at Sm, I know that I wouldn’t want to view this forum because of how offensive many are. I really do think that this is the primary issue behind the fissure between players and developers here.



As a passionate gamer, I have seen my fair share of hate towards devs. I do believe that this is inherently unavoidable so long as humans do not change as a society.

So in the mean time, I have seen highly successful communication models (such as the mentioned PTR for Overwatch or we can take the example of Warframe by DE) this are devs that have developed a strong bond with the community due to their information channels and how involved they get the community this growing the game.

While this is not TS style, they sure could work a little towards a more positive environment in the community. I feel like there are things that can be done


Yep. No arguments there.
I just think that there needs to be a fundamental coalescence between players and developers for your wish, nay, our wish; to become a reality.


there is a ptr mode but i dont think ts is ready for that to be released to the general public to try out and all. unlike ts, blizzard is a big comp so they can do a lot better and more efficiently than ts could ever do. i didnt really notice any dissatisfaction among players besides the “aww man when’s the release date” stuff.

guess i have to dig deeper into the forum for this new feature being bashed :thinking:


Totally agreed! There now a need for work from our side as well


When I said, there was a dissatisfaction, I meant in general (< about other features) not specifically about this feature becoming a thing.


In general, I think TS should be trying to imitate Blizzard on a smaller scale. That should work fine, IMO.


Great to know there is actually a test environment itself. Yeah I agree TS is a smaller scope company, I do believe that they could put up a way to use us as a community for a beta test, I mean I am sure there are a lot who would volunteer


I think that’s not too much to ask actually. You know why reinvent the wheel too many times if there are proven ways to address situations


I know I would volunteer for sure!


If only more of the discussions on this forum were like this one, calm and tame… I’ve seen too many discussions interrupted by people who complain about drop rates and getting unlucky. If there were more discussions like this one, there would certainly be less of a divide between devs and players…


I am actually trying that, to bring healthy discussion to the forums in order to satisfy my need for them


well yeah some features had some critique but not really dissatisfaction. the consensus of arena buffs was that phys builds had a bit of an edge but there wasn’t really any riot until way later, and even that was short-lived because of the intro to emp and heat bomb. raids didnt really receive any negatives at all.

the recent features have been pretty great imo


Yeah the things being pumped out by the devs are actually great (I am still divided about the EMP vs Heatbomb in my objective analysis to heat is a really strong mechanic)

The new stuff that has been coming out of the pipeline has been really welcomed and good for the game