Lets talk about food


im bored, i dont know what to do so, lets talk about food


I eat a lot (when I say a lot is A LOT) this is due to my dad that when he is in the country (once every thousand years) we compete to see who can eat more of everything, basically between the two of us we can eat a giant pizza ( as of 75 centimeters of radius) of with all the tranquility of the world, and then go for ice cream (also for this the saturdays from 6 in the morning until 12 I start to excersice like a madman)


i eat pie…
hi bye pie lol


i have a pack of borthday cake filled oreos

i like oreos… a LOT

oh and twix bars

i have a sweet tooth… or i guess all my teeth are cavity wannabes


too much sugar men, now i want too


i want chocolate ice cream


Whats food?


LMao Bro , LMFAO , LMAAAO , -_-


No joke, what is food


Spicy food best food


Food porn.


you have all the reason


oh hell no




(the arepa of god)
hey i have something thas gonna piss you off

( i dont undertand how this its offtopic here)


Are you crazy?? :neutral_face::neutral_face:


no, i truly hate tajadas, they make me puke everytime i try to eat one, i encounter tajadas very disgusting


Okey bro, I love tajadas haha they are one of my favorite foods.


my favorite food are two;
the super famous pepito (i love that shet whith every part of my soul)
and Bolognese pasta with black beans (caraotas negras)


And this?