Let's make physical L-Ms useful

Almost every physical knows that physical mechs have mostly poor L-Ms, with Sweetie, BloodWeep, (maybe) Desert Fury, Armor Dissolver, DustMaker, Purifier, and Armor Annihilator. So, here are my ideas:

Sweetie - Buff damage and add energy regeneration

Sweetie has max damage in the 250s, its excuse being 3-6 range and 48 energy cap drain. I suggest bumping up its max damage to ~300 and adding at least +16 energy – enough to sustain a drone when drained.

BloodWeep - Bump up damage

BloodWeep needs at least 250 max damage – enough said.

Purifier - Buff damage

Buff its damage to ~270 – 213 is just pathetic.

Desert Fury - Increase drain or lower weight (may not need to be buffed)

It needs a little more a drain and a little less weight – it’ll only help.

Armor Dissolver - Add resist drain and lower heat generation

Its name is literally Armor Dissolver – it should have SOME drain. The +44 heat is also kind of handicapping.

Armor Annihilator - More resistance drain

It’s a poor man’s Desert Fury – drain should be ~50 to make it desirable.

DustMaker - Energy free/ low energy (?)

DustMaker is pretty bad – this non-resistance draining drone should require less energy.

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What about the “Physical” Torsos? More specifically Archimonde, that thing is a big joke. The only Legendary-Mythical torso in the game, and also the only garbage torso with no practical use in the game.


dustmaker has the hightest dmg x physical drones
wich should be buffed its greedy make in it no cost


Dustmaker don’t drain resistance, but damage cooling and regen…(just saying ^^)


Yup, and it’s the hardest hitting drone :sweat_smile:


I agree with your thought.
Expect for a few weapons changes you mentioned, to me the most important point is Energy Cost!! You can leave the current stats of bloodweep/sweetie/nightfall/dustmaker etc.etc., i dont care, but REMOVE the energy cost or DECREASE IT.


DustMaker’s RNG is absolutely pitiful, and all physical users know it.


I’d say just add HP that’s really close to Avenger’s.

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What does L-M stand for, again?

Legendary to Mythical