Let's Make It Like The Old Days

(sorry if my English is stupid :D) Hello I really like this game but this new update for me it is: Kinda hard to win AND the items are just…wut. I like more the old style of Super Mechs before this update please. I know some of the players love the new update (this update dat was 2017) and I don’t know if they loved the old school game.
But please if you can make it like before. Let the players vote for it. Goodbye Have Nice Day Guys. :slight_smile:

-Danail 26.02.18

Yes! SuperMechs Unloaded!


omg. How do you get rid of dem new items. Still reloaded eh?

i do have an idea tho. have an alternate supermechs website where its JUST like the old days (like version 4.0F) and it connects to the server. you can have the new items in it just… make it like the older supermechs. be a great idea. the alternate website could be loke… oldsupermechs.com or something.