Lets look at the positives here

Okay before you scream in the comments lets get some things out of the way:
-Yes no one is happy about the loss of legacy weapons
-Yes no one is happy that they lost HUNDREDS of dollars in money which is honestly a crime
-Yes no one likes that max level legacy items fuse for the same amount as normal items
-Plenty of other things the devs probably wont do anything about

But… What about the positives?? Well, lets see here… I can tell you for a fact that this update has changed up SM a lot for good and bad, personally I like it. Let me explain my SM experience: I have been playing SM since the original release. I have seen many people come and go, watched even entire clans make it to the top and then disappear. I was here when they added mythical items, when they added daily rewards. I was here for all of it. Personally I think this update has done a lot for the game, now I am unhappy about the around $140 dollars that Tactisoft basically stole but in return I was given something that many others can agree with me on, a good amount of top players left the game out of anger and in return I and many others have assumed their positions.

Now in the old SM I could have never dreamed of making it into a top clan let alone making it into the top 40 players world wide but because of this update it was possible for me. Now you are probably thinking “well okay good for you what about the rest of us?”. Well for those of you that have been playing long enough you know that SM had times when it died because of a lack of content, personally I couldn’t stand that. But now I am playing again because I am a sucker for games that require a lot of grinding and this new fusion system? Well it isn’t exactly fair but it is exactly that. A grinding players trap. The amount of gold you need to upgrade, transform, and acquire items is hundreds of thousands of gold coins which translates to hours apon hours of game play. I can’t think of a more healthy environment to suck in people hoping for a game like that. This update has hurt everyone, no body is happy about the money that was basically stolen from avid buyers but this has set in motion a entirely new environment for players to struggle and complain about. Through all of the anger this update has brought to me and so many others I have to say that I have found happiness. There are changes that need to be made but in all honesty, Tactisoft sort of had the right idea on some of it.


For me, this update is 95% “f**k you”, 5% positivity. For example, (so far) it seems like that you have a good amount of campaign energy now…

The update had potential to be great for sure. Just look at when it was in beta, a majority of players actually enjoyed and were looking forward to it.

They made a lot of mistakes in the execution of the idea, however.

Making old legacy items useless (their power level doesn’t even matter anymore for fusing newer items, and they cannot stand against new items), the ridiculous fusion costs (which I’ve been trying to get the devs to get rid of), the inventory limit (giving us a time limit to clear out all our old items, which we can’t do thanks to that silly fusion cost).

I do want to give the update a chance, since it actually looked interesting compared to the previous version. But I can’t, because of that silly fusion cost.


most thing i hate that they removed the orange mechs on login screen…

the rest is meh…

its really unlogic pressing player to decrease item amount but at the same time asking for sm coins…



after the update there was atleast something to do and they added a lot of new items :smile:
i wish i had the back breaker :expressionless:

I can break your back if you want :kissing_heart:

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I can find some things good about this update, but stalling your real feelings will only give false hope to T-Soft. If these are your real feelings about the new version, so be it. However, I don’t think that this update brought anyone much hope.

If you read it well, message is ironic and even humorous at times. Actually it´s a bad review to update.


@DarkWarrior no need to revive a 6 months old thread, LoL…


oh fine. but these are what I feel about it

It’s probably better to open your own topic, then :slightly_smiling_face: