Lets give a use to that rusty clans

Hi there this is the Clan battles and WAR poll!

Clan Battles
Its simple i got a clan i search another clan we fight
a battle would be 5vs5 10vs10 or 15vs15
every player have 3 atacks(to keep the 3vs3 idea)
there must be a preparation time to make the mechs adjustments and leave it ready
they are 2 options to fight:
a) You chose your oponent/victim
b) System autopair your battles
in fight the oponent would be:
a) controlled by server
b) if its online it would be like a normal battle
obviously wins the clan with more victories
rewards would be for all players and could be great amounts of gold some tokens or power kits

Do you have friends in other clans? and you get the dilema of joining his clan or make him join yours?
well then why wont we better make peaces with its clan and make an ALLIANCE?
thats right an aliance between clans ensuring theyll never fight against the other unless they want they could be up to 3 clans on the alliance and that way clans can “borrow” players for Clan Battles
Also to expel a clan its needed 2 votes from the leaders
and this gives the introduction to the major event!

Now this is the real fight!
Same as clan battles but here you got 5 battle points(just remembering old times)
here you can confront another aliances in 15vs15 30vs30 or 40vs40
i know that the server wont be able for this but i leave the idea here
you cant get new members abandon or expel members during preparation or battle

  • Agree with all
  • Agree with some changes
  • Just agree with clan battles and aliances
  • Just agree with clan battles
  • Disagree

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Clan are pretty much boring unless you are in top 3

I also suggest clan rule which can be edited by the leader

in this game clans are more a decorative title and a low rewarded achievement than other thing
Clans need a lot of things:
-Name yes
-Emblem yes
-A little public anouncement that motivates others to join NOP
-Members promotion NOP
-Stable clan chat Meh something like that
-Clan challenges NOP
-Clan battles NOP
-Rank seasons with rank reset NOP
-Interaction between members to help each other with some kind of contribution or exchange NOP
-Motivation to be on a non top clan NOP
and this is just the basic

I would go for a little attempt of the clan activities. Currently players do their individual jobs, and there seems to be no benefit at all in joining any clans other than Reign 2.0, Little Lost and HTK.

However, I guess the server would possibly not be capable of carrying that much, as it’s already quite fragile. How about starting by adding a monthly extended award for, say, the top 100 players and 10 clans? Keeping old players around is likely to be something both important and urgent: I can feel that they are leaving.

i know, again i repeat, those arent ideas for short time if they even fix/remove friends code i know this wont be done even on this year

im wanted to leave a month after i start, i feel there was nothing more to do, ive finished all both campaign and i finished the first 1 spending my tokens on new lvls and i dont get them back (i finished all the lvls), i stay because i see potential to be better on this game butim getting really bored again im still here because im witing the next update and see if it worth wait for game get better or just leave it and wait for the gold boxes gifts on special dates

hmm this need to be updated
the question is… remake the post or just edit this

I like the alliance idea but it won’t be a good idea because there will be teaming up like perhaps the first and second clans. But for the others I say yes, update and release the new ideas


thats the idea teeheeehee
but i see those as alliances leaders since they have been rivals from so long xD
i doubt they want peace between would be more boring than being on oposite sides
but u never know! xD

thx x ur opinion n.n

No problem bro :+1:

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