Let's get physical

What is a good physical leg?

I’m thinking of building a physical mech, I have a windigo and 2 annihilations, night eagle and a hurlbat. I just need legs.

Iron boots or rolling beasts


Zarkares/windigo/bruilty+ lron boots+1 or 2 annihilations,+1 or 2 nightfalls,+nighteagle+ void/hurbat + flaming scope( if you have, it is for don’t let emery goes too far)


Don’t use hurlbat.use void or dustmaker.for legs you can iron boots or rolling beasts

For 2v2s, use a dual Annihilations build w/ Rolling Beasts.

For 1v1s (if you want it as your primary mech) use a high energy build like @Ricemech88 recommended.

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@Nemesis9 it’s for 3v3, 2v2. it’s mainly just going to be used to do damage and suck up some of the limited turn weapons . I have a heater and a electrician mech already.

Something like this for starters (much higher lvl) obviously.

This is my upgrade:)

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I just found the annihilation and nightfall in the same chest


Nice… Your mech looks like my mech except my mech is mostly mythicals


Mine started yesterday as random spare parts