Let's choose the names for the new drones together


How are they looking?


Left short drones :

  • Buck Shot [Physical]
  • Fire Fly [Heat]
  • Ball Lightning [Energy]

Right long drones :

  • Kinetic Burst [Physical]
  • Crimson Tracer [Heat]
  • Rail Cannon [Energy]




huzzah for silly drone


I thought the devs went mad and added a sports drink style drone when I got this lmao


Electrolyte/s are something that replenishes your energy for the body, that’s why it’s in most sports drinks, naming Gatorade™.

So, it’s perfectly good, and the play-on-words “Lyte” as in “Lite”, which means “Small” or “Short”.

But someone told me that Tonto meant silly in spanish. So I ought to tell the devs lol


Yes I know what electrolytes are.




This requires bicc brains to understand



Greedy + Tonto ⇌ TS


@Smirk, belatedly, here are my names for the drones.

• Short range: Bruticus
• Long range: Maximus

• Short range: Thunderbolt
• Long range: Shockwave

• Short range: Blaster
• Long range: Fireball or Flamewave

I know I’m super late, but I still wanted to add something.


did everyone receive their prizes already


Idk for everyone, but at least I did…


Oh wait, u ask about everyone, not anyone…
How can we know that then?


Your reward is on the way. :slight_smile: