Let's choose the names for the new drones together


Oh ok ^^

It can be pretty confusing ^^


Heat long range drone: FlameBolt


The names that occur to me are:
(For the electric)
-Kirvy Delta
-Storn Alfa
(For the thermal)
-Dark Fire


Mass destruction
One shot -One kill
The Generator


The long range drones…Such good sprites wasted.

By the way,I think the ShortRanger should have 1-4 range and the LongRanger should have 3-oo or 4-oo.

Range 2-4 isn’t close range since it doesn’t include the point-black and 3-6 isn’t long range if it doesn’t snipe the furthest point in the arena.
They are more like close-medium and long-medium,not close and long.

Also,the ShortShocker should be named ShortCircuit;we all agree to this name.


Wasted??? Dude, you fail to see the strength of the new drones that are to come. I, personally, really want a LongCircuit cause it fits my build and has benefits that FS doesn’t bring to the table. So wasted not.


Theoretically,I think they’re pretty bad.I’d go with Face Shocker all the way.
Practically,I don’t know.They will surely do against most electrics (since they tend to act at such range) but I will have to see for myself how good they actually are.


Phis drone :

Quantum hit
Planetary devastation


Hell fire
Death torch

Energy :

Lightning shot
Thunder shot


i dont even play SM anymore so yeah.


I’m proud.



  • Short Sho…CIRCUIT!
  • No,that’s a poor name.

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Short Torch
Flying Flame


Why didnt i read flying flame… but flying f…k?


Limited/Limitation - set or serve as a limit to.
Tactical/Tactically - of or occurring at the battlefront
Restriction - or restrict is keep under control.


Because you don’t give one :wink:


Phys Drones

Long Ranger (play on Lone Ranger)
Tonto (Lone Ranger’s sidekick, short range)

Energy Drones

Johnny-5 (from movie Short Circuit)
Bolt (like a lightning bolt, long range)

Heat Drones

Flare (as in Solar Flare, long range)
Spot (as in Sunspot, short range)


-Copyright…? (x2)
-Copyright? (x1)
-Fantastic! (x2) (If you changed the name to just be “Solar Flare” and “Sunspot”)


Short Energy : Short Circuit
Long energy : Electrolyte
Short Physical : Short Ranger
Long Physical : Sharp Shooter
Short Heat : Magma Spill
Long Heat : Flare


El short- Shortage


Long Heat : KillShot
Short Heat : VCR