Let's choose the names for the new drones together


Hi folks!

I’m new here and I would like to ask you to help in creating names for upcoming drones.

Could you help me, please?

The Best ideas will be sent right to devs for the discussion.

Left side: Short-distance Drones with physical/explosive (heat)/electric (energy) damage
Right side: Long-distance Drones with physical/explosive (heat)/electric (energy) damage

More info is coming soon.
Stay tuned!


you want to say 2-4 ranges?

you wanted to say 3-6 ranges.
Have some nice names here :
Phis drone:
Energy :

I really think that changing the ranges of these little devils will really unbalance the game… they are pretty broken with that high dmg of theirs.


I thought they are long and short ranger/heater/shocker?


you want to say 2-4 ranges?

Just a number of position, but I suppose that is misunderstood.
Thanks, I will change it.


But on the serious side… hope that the ranges remain as they are now, 2-4 range = shorty, 3-6 = longy, Right?


get rid of the short/long parts of the name

my personal suggestions: yellow lefty will be called “meteor”, red lefty will be called “wildfire”, and blue lefty will be called “zapper”. yellow righty will be called “asteroid”, red righty will be called “radiation”, and blue righty will be called “energizer”


drone 2-4 it makes you think Dyson apirator

in short, it does not look like lol

drone dyson ,pretty name no ?


Well then
2-4 ranged drones:
ele: Short Circuit (credits to @Winz_Kay)
heat: Sauron Eye
phys: no idea
3-6 ranged drones:
ele: Zapper
heat: Swelter
phys: Longshot


name them after some starwars ships or starwars terms like hyperspace or something. Thats what these one look like image
lightspeed for the blue drone
Blaster for the red drone
Kyber for the yellow one


Remember at my piska topic that i said that my naming is weird?
Yeah i can’t lol.


da hora o nome do drone de curta distancia de fogo seira bom fire strom e o drone de longa de fogo fire ranger


I concur with @trophy435


Molten Phoenix

Short Circuit (duh) @Winz_Kay
Point Break
or Electroscope
or Volt


My ideas of names

ShortRanger: BodyGuard
LongRanger: SharpShooter

ShortHeater: FireStarter or FireCracker
LongHeater: MagmaStorm

ShortShocker: ShortCircuit (credits to @Winz_Kay)
LongShocker: ThunderCloud


LOL what physical gets bodyguard.


Here is three that I thought.

  • Limited
  • Alternate
  • Tactical


WOO! Finally!

I do not really mind what you call the others… I just really wished you’d consider ShortCircuit instead of ShortShocker since it is energy related and carries the essence of the original name by using Short.

Thanks to @YGGM @TheDoctor and @Eneginner for agreeing with me :smile:


Long Heater: Molten Torrent
Short Heater: Lava Spray

Short Shocker: Short Circuit a la @Winz_Kay
Long Shocker: Thunder Bolt

Short Ranger: Point Blank
Long Ranger: Sharp Shooter a la @YGGM


Just asking, the “a la” means what exactly, and is from which language ?


Its French and coming from the expression “a la carte”, meaning “from the” , in this case, person instead of menu.