Let's Bring V back?


Yo yo,

For y’all who don’t know me, I’m Rob: I like pipes, I board, and I write for a living.

Thought: What if we create a rival newbie teaching alliance to AANC?

I was thinking, now that the game is on an update-spree, we should bring V back to challenge AANC xD.

I’m still kind of not sure if I want to plunge back in the game or not but if there is enough interest, leggo!


Lol rob get outta here my noob team will crush ya :stuck_out_tongue:


My noob is bigger than yours though… Whatchu talking about boy?


Ill wager 1k reds on any era my noobs beat you


<3 I’ll help you Rob


You not noob enough, more noob necessary


Lol look like i am just watching the game and not play seriously until holiday