Let us buy specified item


Please let us buy specified item like the older version of the super mechs


“Shop removed, will be reintroduced in future updates” “Oh and btw, remember this word soon




In this case "Soon: and “will be reintroduced in future updates” is not the case.
We have no plans to reintroduce the shop.
However, we are working to improve game balance. In fact, we just open registration to our Closed Beta to test some aspects of the balancing.
—> Register Here


If Developers don’t want to bring back shop then maybe Tiers



Post must be atleast 20 characters because why not?


Shop should be added back… the ability to buy items without having to go through hundreds of boxes would be great.
Also FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADD ACCESS TO LOW LEVEL ITEMS. The shop did both of these perfectly.
Not being able to buy items is one one thing but to not be able to get low level items is complete bullshit.


Or at least:


We hear you!
With all the game balancing we are doing it will help with the lower level items.
Sign up for the beta! You will see :slight_smile: