Let out that anger here that happens within the game


Been doing the SHORTRANGER all day in campaign. Not one in my second account. I’m doing hard. Chan’t even past the 1st tank in insane. I wasted away 30 tokes in reviving. What more do you want TS. Is this fun for you. I’ve read worse about people spending over 100 tokens not getting what they were trying to get. For now, I’m keeping this thread a live, even if I’m the only one posting. Let that anger out here.
:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: :fu:


Don’t do Insane… not even some of my top player friends could defeat it without revives…

And you’ll get it. It’s only epic so you’ll see it soon enough


Didn’t do insane, after the first try. I’ll hold that to you @Winz_Kay. You better be right, and my good luck. :wink:


Hope you get it! It’s too powerful


If you use revives, you won’t get a box.


Is that what you believe or what? I’m just asking. Than I will stop doing that.


Don’t believe a word he says.


This is false information.


Well, Didn’t get this. Half the time, I didn’t get any box. Thank you very much TS for being inconsiderate of the players. :fu:




Did you farm hard? How many refills?


I stopped buying refills considering that. Fucking terrible!


I don’t refill fuels… Only on gold mining campaign…

Anyway I got it. It wasn’t in the portal. It was in a 5 Silver box purchase. :rofl: I was upgrading. Bamm there it was.


In all my time playing I’ve never gotten a box from using a revive.


I have gotten boxes even when I revive, although there will be a good chance that they’re sh*t.


No Anger today. I’m chill. Only thing, is these allergies. :cold_sweat:


Damn pissed at myself… Fk… Forgot to do raid yesterday. :angry: Just had to let this out…


I Hate arena.


Don’t we all…