Legendary to Mythical Pack


No. NOT “End of story”.

It is NOT about if you have to buy it, or you dont even need it :exclamation:

It is about the price-policy of tacticsoft :exclamation:

It will become worser and worser for us costumers :exclamation:

That it is about, and NOT if you dont have to buy it or to use it :exclamation:

I will not ignore such going ons, you can, I will not :exclamation:



Yes i know what you meen.
There is a paywall, and evrybody is aware of it.
To be a top tier player, you need certain items, that are rare as adamantium.
But there is also a way for that too, not to be top 5, but there are builds that can be made using only items that are from epic to myth, and when fully fused and upgraded will make competitive builds.
But i want you to know something, befor you get sucked up into hateing the game and developers.
It is a game, it is ment to be fun, it is ment to lessuer you.
There is nothing that obliges you to play this game, unless is fun for you.
You don’t have to live for this game, and you don’t have to be the top dog of it, the most important aspect is to have fun, meet nice people that you can chat up with, tell stories, try new builds, new strategies, it is not about just spending ludicrious amount of time or money in it.
Having fun is the quintessential thing about games.
All online games have the pay to win strategy, it just varies from one to another.
It could be a better game, in many ways, it could implement alot more features that can make it better.
But as it is now, it is fun, this relic ideea could be twisted towards a more meaningfull feature, that could add another dimension to the game.
try the GOAT, it’s an epic only tournament, that rewards the players that come up with skill and creativity.



supermechs in the past had courtesies something of appreciation and respect for its users

simple example so that the developer @Mohadib can understand it if I put it a bit difficult sure that he can not understand it, so I will try to put it in a simple language very simple and explain slow slow

in the past tis game reward to your comuniity with christmas boxes and others,

some rewards for the players some boxes, every time that correct an error of programming of the game., that is a symbol of respect towards a community in which many invest.

Now this new administration is not interested in the supermechs comunity.

They treat us like this because they want us to leave the game. (it looks like they are betting on closing and eliminating it)

all its strategies are contrary to those that would be taken to promote a game



thats the point :exclamation:

It SEEMS every single update is against the players, and not FOR the players.

Make it harder for the players = players / costumers unhappy :grey_exclamation:

Make it easier / better for the players = players / costumers happy :grey_exclamation:

Easy as that :exclamation:





great update


Ask to LastoftheWilds. He´s in your clan and sure has the answer for that.


I know the answer already, but would like an official answer from tacticsoft :exclamation:



if the price is 2,500 tokens and you get 5 relics…well the price of one relic is 500 tokens…waaaay too expensive


Just lol. Nothing. More. To. Say.


i would like to subject to your attention this.


I love playing Mechs, but I’ve always thought the prices are greedy and weird. BUT this new pack is just donkey rude and ignorant to us players. It makes me sick to where I’m almost ready to delete my account and not play anymore … Asking this price is RUDE and a SLAP in the face to us… I’ve bought afew deals, which were overpriced. But this crosses the line. I can go buy a new Xbox game for this stupid price… you REALLY need to be respectful to us players before Super Mechs goes under with no players due to pissing us off and greed.

Come on now really ??? Just crazy and out of line.
Smell It


I died of laughter when I saw this:

Let’s take a closer look:

Seriously? Do they mean it as in limited time offer?




That is a lie and historically incorrect. He played Supermechs and saw Relics sales promotion…


Well that’s actually a good thing, so that worthless box will disappear the moment the “sale” ends.


i agree with you 100%
in the old times you could build a mech to reach top tier (black skull) without paying a cent
you needed only time and patience to do so
but now??
after playing 2 years now i am back at level 10 with no chance to go higher in the considerable future because of the impossible odds to get better items??


hello team Tacticsoft, I ask stop ideas box park tokens that I see a lot of players stop play, reason game ridiculous and lack module hp legendre or other is the most important base

build it’s the most important base


Ok im gonna be totally honest
its good
the price is ridiculess enought to laught & “accidentally” delete the game
but relics could be good
Only if power kits gone
i mean power kits are the most useless items on game
they give u less fusion power than any other same quality item
so yes wipeout power kits & this can be good
also leg & epic relics should be the only existent items of this kind & should be buyed directly x tokens never added to drop rates
that if u really want to make money
i mean paying 75 tokens per legendary relic instead of evolving another unused item is way more easy & worth the tokens so people would be happy buying this
if u fear of the “abuse” of this, then just dont add it, because if people use their money to get this that mean it works & give u money, but x some reason u dont understand that obvious point
hope SM can be really a game at ur eyes someday not just a gold mine x battledawn, since SM its better


IM PISSED AND SICK OF THIS GREED… I’ve bought boxes in the past, enough boxes, enough money spent. My mech has stayed the same for WEEKS, because the boxes I do win for free are dog shit…

Makes me mad that TS Doesn’t understand it’s the VOLUME not the cost… High Volume = more Traffic = $

But instead it’s ass backwards, stupid high = makes everyone mad and we fend off. !!

It’s simple, why screw us ?