Legendary to Mythical Pack

@Mohadib are you serious :question:

43 $ to transform a full boosted Legendary into a Level 1 Mythical :question:

TO TRANSFORM only :question:

If this is real, I need to say, the GREED of tacticsoft has NO border :exclamation:

As @apure mentioned, if there WOULD be a chance to get Legendary ITEMS (also BEST stuff like the Mythical HP plate), the price would still be very high, bUT at least you would have a serious chance to get it :exclamation:

I only can shake my head …

43 $ … 0 % chance to get an item … only to TRANSFORM it … it must be a bad dream :exclamation:

Next update :

new colours … only 4000 tokens … but you can choose your colour self = great update :exclamation:


And you really wonder why the / YOUR Community is always negativ :exclamation:

It is SELF made 100% :grey_exclamation:

P.S.: hopefully no-one miss-click on that chest / offer :grey_exclamation:


good another promotion that I can only observe, how many are already … well at least it does not look like the $ 99

what next?

make every premium item only for tokens?


Imagine this crap !

50k tokens for ONE platinum plating!


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well, I’m just curious as to the numerous statements about the accelerating players progress of the mid to lower levels in f2p format, either someone lied again?

fully excluded.

This is a mistake or is April Fool’s Day joke (in advance)…??


Found this nice ideea.
And i find it more inline with the curent setup of your development.


It could provide solution to 3 problems of our game :

  1. The gap between Myth plates users and epic playes users.
  2. It would add a new demension to the game, as in actual uper tier Myths to be created.
  3. Would raise the income and revenue of the game.
  4. Bonus, could be a further development of new items.
  5. Bonus, could be a rebirth of the dead creat your item feature in the Legacy, forgot the actual name of that function.
    A random legendary + 1 relic = 1 new random legendary.
    A random myth + 2 relics = 5 new random legendaries
    A random epic + 1 relic = 2 random epics(with a chance of legendary)

This and @TechnoDive’s idea are very worth looking into. From my perspective, one of the main problems with this game now is how stagnant mech builds have become - once you’ve worked your way up to a competitive loadout, it’s prohibitively expensive in terms of both time and money to change your setup.

Enabling players to bridge the gap between epic health modules, epic flamers, epic shotguns etc. and their legendary-myth counterparts sounds like a far better use for relics. We lost the capability to react and adapt in the current meta - this could be part of the solution to regain some fun in this game. Of course, they’d have to completely rethink that price - over 40 dollars for any of the above is just ludicrous, let alone for what the product actually does right now.


OMG … you still don’t get that this all is made ON PURPOSE, not by accident, or because they dont have 8 hours a day (their work) to think about :exclamation:

It’s ok, they need to make money, BUT the way HOW they do is ridiculous and outrageous :exclamation:

Also they will never do that idea, WHY they should, when people buy 50000 tokens to TRY to get the mythical HP plate(s).

But guess what … somehow the % chances are to 0 to get them … a miracle :grey_exclamation:

Question is HOW some players got 5 - 10 of these :question:

History repeats very fast sometimes, think about the “new” mythical cooling modul, at the end of the old SuperMechs version :exclamation:

Under the line, it is nothing else then to pull money. I would be ok with that, BUT NOT if I know that a LOT of players get them for FREE :grey_exclamation:



FOR F###S SAKE!!! I just cannot believe it. I wanted to play my Android, and I updated the app. Entered the game and saw this:
I just jumped out of bed (slept only 3 hours this night to deliver a translation project on time) and rushed down to my desktop… I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES… A bundle of 5 legendary-myth items for 2500. FINALLY! Finally a box with legends only! In good price! And only legendary-myth status!!! INSANE!!




TACTICSOFT, ONE DAY SOMEBODY WILL SUE YOU FOR FALSE ADVERTISING!!! And your ideas are simply stupid. Fusion is not a problem. Access to items is a problem. Learn it once for all!!!


what makes it worse is those relics can only be used to transform.

not instantly fuse an item

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You know, when @KilliN first showed me screenshots of this update I honestly thought he did some meticulous screenshot editing.


As usual, you need to read carefully what TS writes, because there is always a catch! Do you guys know what “consider adding to game means”? The relic will be a legendary item used for only one purpose - transform (yep, no other use, cannot fuse it, cannot equip it). Do you know the feeling of getting a legendary bonus? Now you will also get the chance to get a relic in a premium box! And imagine your joy when landing a premium pack with 2 legendaries - a bonus and a relic! Such an awesome idea, @Mohadib (unlike you, I will not imply there is a catch - I AM USING SARCASM HERE!!!).

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Responding to your announcement:
Please do NOT add those relics to the game EVER!!!

The chance to get a legendary item is low enough and there are already those useless and annoying KITs that no one wants and sometimes even replace an equipment of that same rarity in one’s drops.

Those damned Relics will simply do the same:
Possibly replace an equipment of legendary rank when opening a box if you ever add them to the game.

Therefore keep those Relics for yourself, please.

I prefer any useless legendary equipment over any Relic because I can use even the most useless legendary equipment in the same way to boost another equipment to mythical lv. 1 but I can also use it for normal fusion or on a mech for testing or having fun.
But I would not be able to use the Relics for anything else unlike legendary equipment!

Also since the Relics are only useable to boost an equipment to mythical that means they are not useable in normal fusion either.
With that being the case what if someone runs out of legendary items and the remaining space in the inventory is filled with those Relics?
You will be stuck with a full inventory unable to upgrade anything anymore.

So (I repeat it cause it is important) by all means do NOT add those Relics to the drops from item boxes or mission runs EVER!!!


LOL, @CloudedSunrise, we posted more or less the same at the same time! It is sooo true, and very pathetic on TS’s part!

@Mordulec, maybe this is TS’s new strategy to fill up a player’s inventory and then force them to increase the space of inventory with tokens.

I got this module for free …

It can only be a bad joke or a bad dream …



WHY ALWAYS making all extraordinary expensive :question:

WHY :question:

Can we ALL please support this idea / fact and bring it somehow into the tacticsoft OFFICE …

7 x 2500 tokens (if 7 even will buy it) = 17500 tokens

453 x 250 tokens = 113250 tokens

Every product manager (@Sarah247 did learn that sure also :question: :exclamation:) / company knows that the income is coming from the amount who buy it, NOT from the highest price, only if you have a sonder status like Versace, Armani, Prada, Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Tiffany, Nike, Rolex, Ferrari, Bugatti, Apple, etc. you can go for high prices :exclamation:

SuperMechs (tacticsoft) isn’t like … Versace, Armani, Prada, Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Tiffany, Nike, Rolex, Ferrari, Bugatti, Apple :exclamation:

Make the game FUN again, and dont TRY to pull short time money as max as possible.

WE players / costumers SUPPORT SuperMechs a LOT with REAL money, BUT stop being so GREEDY :exclamation:

I am really a little bit shocked after all that (we had some updates in this direction, BUT never such an obviously one about money :exclamation:


i think this is a bug…2500 tokens…fix this, destroy one 0

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Really the way i see things:

  1. you are not obliged to buy it.
  2. if you need it, and can afford it, buy it.
  3. you don’t need it, you have a better way of obtaining it as per example under, don’t buy it and ignore it.
  4. no need to do a drama about it, it is not like you are beeing forced into couching out 2500 tokens, to play the game.
  5. is it really usefull? not really,
  6. Is there a better way to use the relics, yep,see examples above

It is very similar to the 100 token white paint.
End of story.
PS: you can actualy ignore things that you don’t like.

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Although you are not forced to buy it, you get the idea of how far you can go … I would like the game to be different, I hate the pay to win