Legendary to Mythical Pack

Hi Pilots,

We’re introducing a new time-limited Legendary to Mythical pack. The pack includes everything you need to transform a Max-Level Legendary item to a 1st level Mythical.

We created a new item called Relic, which is an item that can only be used as Transform material, and is equivalent to the Power Kit (which can only be used to boost an item). These Relics cannot be gained in battles at the moment and are only available in this new Transform Pack, but we’re considering adding them to the game.

The Transform Pack includes 5 Legendary Relics and 100,000 Gold, which is everything you need (including the gold cost) to perform a transform to mythical.

You DO, however, need to put in work to be able to use the pack. You still need to get the Legendary item you want and boost it all the way to Max Level. This pack won’t help you with that. Also, to make sure this pack won’t be too abused we placed a considerable price tag on it. Of course, Legendary items can be transformed to Mythical in the regular way, and we assume most players will still take that route, but for the few people that will want to save the time and effort, this pack can help.

Lastly, the pack will only be available for a while and then we’ll take it down and analyze how it affects the game. We’ll also look at the data and listen to the feedback in deciding if we should introduce Relics (in other tiers, not only Legendary) to the game, so feel free to share your feedback!


Hello hello, I think you made a mistake and typed it an extra 0. The price for this should be 250 tokens. Change it now.


lol guys 2500 is way too much
also give us another way to obtain relics


It sucks mohadib. IMO even bloody fucing epics into legendaryes would be less expensive, this thing don’t even worth 1000 tokens.


Greed will kill supermechs


i could go and buy 7-8 premium packs and with the chance to get more legendaries
and gold is not a big thing as we have big boy
so i think this pack should cost 750 tokens


you are crazzy? 750? no my friend, i think this pack should cost 250 tokens


@Mohadib, with all due respect… this is crap offer.
At 2500 tokens there are better deals to be made.
That is 50$ for a lvl 1 myth.
2500 tokens are about 10 premium packs during a sale… or 8 premium packs when not.
Fussing 5 epic to legendary takes about 5 days of grind… or about 8h of grind.
So really is just a very bad deal.
If we judge soley on this a fully fussed mech const 800 dollars… that is just absurd.


do you need 5 relics to transform a legendary to myth? Or just 1 relic per item you want to transform?

5 to transform to myth. Lol.

This “deal” is the biggest joke I have seen so far.

You keep outdoing yourself man.


Yea this really makes no sense… Why buy 5 legendary relics when you could spend the tokens to get probably more legendaries from premium packs while also potentially getting rare legendaries as well as a bunch of epics for boost fuel? Makes no sense.


So…2500 tokens for the transform material
Let aside the maxed legendary you use this things on?

The price is right. They just forgot to change the premium box prices too.

One item premium box: 500 tokens

5 items premium box: 1250 tokens

But don’t worry, the next update will include this.
This is the type of fix they usually do and not the one that includes the decrease of a price of something.


But only for the first purchase… the price will double with each purchase. :slight_smile:


They probably forgot out this part: " Ohh, and from now we decreased the legendary chance from premium boxes so this offer is great"


Lol I was thinking this exact same thing but what scared to write it because I don’t want it to be true

if they were weapons, torsos, leg and modules (especially HP) it would be worth spending that amount to try to get those items, but RELIC? That’s no use at all I’m not in agreement with this, even if I would lower it to 500 or less I would think a lot to spend on those things.

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This transform pack isn’t all that bad.
It actually provide a glimpse of what the legendary drop rate of the premium pack might be.

Assuming the transform pack was priced correctly by TS.

Heads up, it wasn’t price correctly at all.


@Dubi0us I think that this is to simply gain money, and I agree with your line of thought, they should make it cheaper. Check out my recent post addressing the same topic. http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/make-legend-to-myths-easier-to-find/10070

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