Legendary relic

I just won this from a 75 T box


I think its better instead of getting crappy epic



That is exactly what many players were scared off …

  • now you get the unbelievable Relic Kit instead of a maybe useful Legendary item

… and that for your safed up tokens or real money, if you bought tokens :exclamation:

Well done tacticsoft, well done, you let become the biggest nightmares true :grey_exclamation:

(attention : a lot of sarcasm included)


P.S.: the % chances to get a Legendary-to-Mythical item fall now from 0.07 % to 0.05 %


I hope it does not affect the premium pack as well … but I do not know how to get legendary

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This is exactly what I had in mind, when I tried to convince people like @Skiller-Legendary, that:

  1. This crappy item WILL AFFECT EACH AND EVERY PLAYER in the playerbase, including me.
  2. This crappy item WILL affect the droprate of other items.
  3. It WILL BE implemented into the game as a regular dropping legendary.
    No comments. @Mohadib, do you ever read what is happening in the forum? Do you care what people say about relics?

if they really made us cases … they changed the relics, that they do not take them out is a change …?

Nonsense, BUT of course you try to talk it bad again, you have a serious issue …

All you tried right now again, is talking nonsense …

I voted against your idea, because tacticsoft will NEVER EVER do it.

They do all on purpose, BUT yes, you looking always through your pink glasses, cannot see that :exclamation:

My statement here is very clear … 4 likes … so easy to understand, only you cannot understand anything in your rant against me … :heart:



now you feel like to pat us on the shoulder

it looks like you think you are way above us in knowledge and in wisdom
will you mever stop acting like you are superior to us???

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I really don’t know how I feel about. It’s definitely better than an epic, but I’d rather not receive it as an item if I bought a premium pack. So basically I like it in a premium box, but not in a pack


this will be worse than getting items that only become legendary in the primiun packs, now apart from these unusable the possibility of obtaining relics is added …

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if you look at it from a player that has alredy 3 build fully fused lvl 50 mechs, the relic is useless, and even works against him, since he buys/farms for specific items to enhance his mechs(legendary-myth only items), since it can dilute the chances of obtaining them.
But if you look from the perspectiv of a low-mid tier player, that is still building his mechs, and doesn’t have all his items mythical, these things find their use, better then an epic.
now if we look at the player distribution by tiers, the players with 3 fully fused mthical mechs, are close to 0.1% out of the total player base.The rest of them will find use for the relic.
In the long run, when more and more top tier players will become, this relic, will need to evolve into something else, cause it will become really useless.
But for now, it isn’t that useless, IMHO.

I am a medium player and prefer to improve using rare, it is free and fast in less than 1 of I already have a legendary … and in 5 days a mythic if I propose it, these things are a nuisance, as soon as it came out in a primun pack 2 legendary garbage, chiamera and golem … now wait for me not to leave more than 1 relic in the future

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the only probleme with relics, when you stop fusing myths (you have all you want or need) than they become useless, but it is a topic about it already to make it more useful

if i am right, our wise collegue El_Metre started it somewhere
perhaps he would be kind enough to point you to it…

the ideea behind it is to extend the curent use of the Relic, so that they will not become a stone around our necks in the future.
It doesn’t have to be implemented right away, that is why i advise people to be patient about things.
And that is why we must try and search for the bright side of things, no matter how grim they look at first.

The Legendary Relics are also working perfect for the Inventory Limit :exclamation:


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Boy , and i thought receiving chronium crushers or spartan carnage off fortune boxes were bad , now we have this , this piece of shit is only usabled to evolve with no other bloody uses , another 2 updates with the game getting even worse and worse


This is not supposed to happen.
I have informed the team and they are looking into to why Relics were given in Premium boxes.
As of now, Relics are only given with the purchase of a Legendary to Mythical Pack.
This will be fixed ASAP.
Thank you for posting this. :slight_smile:


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So that means there’s a chance for us to get that thing instead of a regular legendary?
Looks like it’ll take me forever to make that full legendary-myth tier mech…
Gonna give up on that dream of having a top items class build…