Legendary-Mythical Items after 126 P-boxes


Started playing SM back in 2013. Stopped for a long time, came back a week ago. Converted legacy gold into 126 premium lootboxes thanks to the ‘one time special offer’. Didn’t get any L-M items except Lightning Platinum Vest, Molten Platinum Vest, Iron Frenzy, and Shocking Grappling Hook, the rest were E-M.

So if I don’t get exclusive items like the Claw and Mercy in 126 premium boxes, where the hell do I get them from?


Did u really land 4/126?

U have pics?


Quite unbelievable, to be fair

The drop rates aren’t this bad


I didn’t take any evidence. You will just have to assume the information is true. I don’t have a reason to make up false information anyway.

I opened them all when I was level 30, maybe that had something to do with it.

No useful items either like platinum armour, or mythical resistances. I got one heat engine and one mass cooling booster, that’s it. Everything else was just epic drones, epic hooks, epic side weapons, epic top weapons, and an absolute ton of epic torso/feet.

E.g. I remember getting 6 or 7 Nightfalls and at least 8+ Power Bottoms. Imagine this sort of drop for the majority of the 126 boxes and its not so hard to believe.


I believe level does affect the drop rate, but 4/126… Nah.

Too bad u have no evidence


I don’t know why you think I’m lying. I don’t have anything to gain here, the only point of this topic is to show how bad the drop rates can be.

Just to be clear, I got 8 or 9 legendaries in total. But most of them were E-M items. I’m saying I didn’t get many L-M items.


I am not saying u r lying, i said it’s bad that u have no evidence(i.e. no video or pictures for ease of demonstration of bad drop rates)

Maybe u r not lying, but its hard to imagine such bad drop rates without seeing it


Ah I understand you now, that’s a fair point. It wasn’t in my mind when I was opening them, it’s only several days later I realised just how poor the loot was.

If anything this will probably make me less likely to buy any more boxes. And all those boxes were technically free, so I at least I did not spend £££ for nothing.

This is a game that for some reason placed me straight into rank 5 when I had only legacy items, and forced me to derank down to 15 to get any winnable matches. So maybe there was some under-the-hood stuff going on.


It’s ride or die now, farm and pray for rng to get anything useful or leave.

My advice is to do the second while u have no particular progress or intention to spend $$$.


I have a post on a fix for this! Perhaps alert the new mods about it?