Legendary in Regular Item Box


I actually found this in a regular item box on the portal…

I’m still using it to boost other items to myth since I’m not a physical :joy:


good man. i can respect that. i’ve gotten some very good legendary-myth items from this portal. idk why people mad


You should keep the desert fury , its very good.


Yeah, I got 2 from the portal’s regular box.


Not if you have an energy mech. I also threw away the purifier that I found (does medium damage, but no heat or energy at all) :sweat_smile:


1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance?:slot_machine:


Destert FURRY, sorry i had to do it


congrats, its not everyday that you get a legendary in an item box :thumbsup:


@Erik_Huang congratulations, you have been very lucky :grinning:
I want that weapon a long time ago, and it does not touch me :cry:


Check this post out :joy: :joy: :joy: