Legendary drop rate?

if I knew I would throw the bar, I would not have taken a screen

Usually the chances for legendary item are around 10%.

how then did I not get any legendary item

You did not get because the chances are around 10%. Do you know what is percentage?

I do not know, but I spent my money and tokens and I did not get even 1 legendary with 1200 token that at least one of them was not normally normal


I openned a premium box the other day, and I got a legendary. Which was absolutely useless to me (though I used it for mythical fuel.) I am a physical mech, and I got a legendary for Scorching Feet, when I already had iron boots. For that to be 1% - 3% is a crying shame. Legendary drop rates, why?

before it was 15% and now it is 3%

Huh… my advice is, do NOT buy Premium Packs. They have cheaper tokens per item, but they’re rigged to drop less legendaries. Only buy Premium Packs because they have much better droprates.

In all of my career of playing supermechs, I have not come across a single legendary in a premium pack. All my legendaries are from premium boxes and item portals.

Speaking of this, I got a legendary Mighty Cannon today in a premium pack.

As far as I can tell drop rates are the same between boxes and packs, just packs don’t drop modules. So boxes are definitely better!

Plus you don’t have to wait as long to get one. So yeah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers yea I only have weapons I’ve upgraded to legendary and need some of the good weapons that you can only get in legendary+

They don’t? I didn’t know that.

Can I ask you a question


I hardly get 100k gold as you collect 1m and I barely 100k

Farm campaign, gold will shower down upon you. Mission 6 in the last zone is the best for gold and xp.


Do not do that anymore !!

I have a heat with energy legs and 1 heat with phys legs.

Legs are used to increase the HP. For example, I placed energy legs in heat, because they allow me to add another HP plate.

Keep legs of different weights and don´t look so much if are energy, heat or phys!

Eh, somewhat. I’d definitely agree with tracks - anyone can use rolling beasts - but if you’re an energy or heat I’d try to stick to same type legs. That extra bit of heat/energy damage helps more than you’d think, more than 50 hp.

This is my heat with energy legs. This allowed me to place one more HP plate, because these legs are very light. And also advance 3 places.

In battle I work more with weapons than legs.


Sometimes the different weight on legs, it can be the possibility of carrying a hook or not or placing a charge or teleport.

Um? This is how I play it. I am pretty sure Iron Boots has the most hp out of the 3 legs e.e

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I spent $50 on packs and got garbage a stupid mistake I won’t make again