Legendary drop rate?

Not to spam this website but what is the legendary drop rate because I opened 5 premium packs and got no legendaries and have only ever got 2 and I am level 60 and have opened a lot of premium packs and have been playing for a 7+ months

Any help would be appreciated :smile:

Here it depends on your luck (good luck)

Legendary drop rate is extremely low… and modules don’t drop from packs (at least for some people), which just makes it worse. Don’t have actual numbers, of course.

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5 boxes of 335 tokens?

Apple has policy where game developers have to give us the drop rates of everything if they have randomized “boxes”, but Tactisoft isn’t bothering to do it. Sooner or later, the game will get taken down if the App Store for violating their TOS and TS will pay for it.


I agree with you I have a little legendary and once I bought 1200 tokens and bought a premium box and I got 3 legendary

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There’s no drop rate shown anywhere…
However,what we know for sure is that the chance is pretty low.

Yes 5 premium packs for 335 each

i think, I JUST THINK the chance is 1%-3%

Absolutely terrible. Lesson to learn: don’t spend money on this game. It’s a MOOT exercise.

how to nettree money can not move the rank as this incredible kiliko has old players who are brutally strong and new players have to be bothered and it is fair

at least give us a 10 premium box and increase the percentage of legendary themes

And not a single legendary… That is hell of a bad luck… I can tell you that I average 1 legendary per premium pack, but this calculation includes also cases of dropping 3 legends in one box, and then 3 boxes of no legends at all. On average you get 1 per box, but broh… you must have just landed those three other boxes… I feel sorry for you. Keep trying, you WILL succeed eventually. It is the matter of maths, statistics and probability. It all adds up eventually.

i wouldn’t actualy recomend that…
Maybe wait out for a sale or something.
To spend 1675 tokens, and not get a legendary…
And bro even at 335 tokes/legendary that is bad. The legacy had 200 tokens for quarantee myth, with 30% of not in inventory, and if you dial in the actual legendaries that are L-M only, well that 335/legendary turns into a nice 2.345k tokens/legendary pretty fast.
Also keep in mind the useless ones… the epic-legendary ones.

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Better to go on and waste all your money and tokens, because next reset/restart from SuperMechs is coming soon :exclamation:


It´s not right to open 5 boxes and not get any legendary at all.

Should have obtained as very little at least 3 legendaries.

What kind of legendary is something else, most are not good (meat for fusion), but sometimes can favor you the luck.

it’s not ok to waste 1200 tokens and not get one legendary


This is the last time I spent money

Nope. I would put the matter to Sarah. Too bad you didnt save screenshots.