Legendary chance?!


I was curious about the new feature named base and I made a new account.
When I saw this i was shocked :slight_smile:


This is a nice one. It made me curious about SM again. I am very excited about the new feature.


Can you please, add some more screen shots with other features…




inb4 you need 5k tokens to make a guaranteed legendary


Really? Dont make me scared.


Dont be surprised if it get amazing features in the first few weeks then get nerfed to absolute trash again , just like big boy’s beta drop rate


i think all this will cost gold. I also think that the last one will cost around 100k gold and u get a garanted epic.
(It’s like a premium box but payed with gold).
GJ Tactisoft !


No way!
Production is way to slow and it’s much harder to get itens that using regular boxes!
Happy I didn’t get this.