Legendary chance


can an any body tell me dropping chances of legendaries through boxes and which bx give th most legendaries


No can do, sorry. Only the Developers have that knowledge so far. But someone can give you an estimated drop chance.


My calculations say about 12.5% from fortune boxes,8.75% from premium boxes/packs and 2,825% from item portals.


It’s with 150 lvl ? 20char


Yeah, many people are asking to clearly mention the drop rate, but nope, not happening.
whatever it is, it is pretty darn low, like 10% from fortune boxes,10% from premium packs, 15(maybe 20)% from premium box, and i dont know how much from item portals.


With any level;it seems it’s unimportant (by that,I mean it isn’t a variable to influence drop rates).
It’s just based off my own calculations;it might be different in reality but idk.


Damn that is high AF!
Means a legendary in evry 4 runs.
You one lucky guy.


Item portals is actually around 7% based off 400 runs calculations


I think those numbers are a bit high.

I’ve opened about 100 fortune boxes give or take at this point got like 5 legendaries? maybe 5-10% range.

idk maybe if you kept a spreadsheet or whatever you’ll have real data, but intuitively I know that premium boxes/packs drop legs more than fortune boxes so either one number is too low or the other too high. or a bit of both.


I got like 6 legys at this month.
3 of those legy’s i had was from the fortune box.
I belive that it’s betwen 5-20%.
Just keep farming and you will get them sometimes.


Thanks so much! 20char


Actually,I rarely get anything.
Sorry,I meant 2,825 (once around every 35 tries).Going to edit it now.


That is more realistic.
I was like hell mate… go play the lottery fast if you have those chances at portals.


I can give em’ to ya’ :slight_smile:

Chance for a Silver Box

65% Common
30% Rare
5% Epic

Chance for Premium Packs and Boxes

W/o sale :
75% Epics
25% Legendaries

W/ sale :
Either still

75% Epics
25% Legendaries


70% Epics
30% Legedaries

On the 20% and 50% more legendaries and sh*t

20% more legends is

65% Epics
35% Legendaries

50% more legends is

50% Epics
50% Legendaries

The Ranking boxes (Or Arena boxes)

Rank 25 - Rank 15

99% Epics
1% Legends

Rank 10 - Rank 5

90% Epics
10% Legendaries

Rank 4 and all the way down to 1

79% Epics
29% Legendaries

The fortune boxes, if you don’t believe it, actually have chances! It’s depended on the difficulty of the campaign level AND the campaign area…

Restoration of the Earth campaign :

The Dry Lands, Scavenger Pass and Silent Waters bosses

Normal mode
80% Common
15% Rares
5% Epics
0% Legends :frowning:

Hard Mode
65% C
30% R
5% E
0% L :frowning:

Insane mode
50% C
25% R
28% E
2% Legends!

Frozen Abyss all the the way to The Danger Zone bosses

Normal Mode
75% C
20% R
5% E
0% :frowning:

Hard Mode
60% C
32% R
7.5% E
0.5 % L

Insane Mode
40% C
30% R
25% E
5% Legends! :slight_smile:


Normal Mode
65% C
30% R
10% E
0% L :frowning:

Hard Mode
40% C
40% R
19.5 E
1.5 L

Insane Mode
15% C
50% R
30% E
10% L :open_mouth:

The Remnants from the Heaven or whatever has the same thing, just slightly lower chances of common, and higher rare chance and epic. But slightly higher drop rate than the regular boxes. The chances for boxes beyond Silent Waters IDK yet…


everything until the arena boxes is true.
Rank 25 till rank 20-90%rare,10%epic(trust me, i have been there for 2 months)
Rank 10 and 5-95% epic,5% legend(i am there since two months, not a single yellow yet, but fine)
Ranks 5-1 - Almost same as previous box(seen many box openings)


Now, in my experience, I did silent waters in hard mode. This was before the 2v2 arena update.
I got many fortune boxes there.
30%rare,60% epic,10% legendary.



Really? Those stats from me were from LAST updates ago. The

chances are from someone whom I shouldn’t talk about…



AFTER the update, no legendaries form 24 fortune boxes.19 rares,5 epics.


Exactly, those are the newer chances.


Also, the “someone” is a person from here :wink:

lol no… OR yes…? Yea.


My goodness, it’s true!

Also, look at this.