Legendary Boxes?

If there’s a Premium box that has Guaranteed Chance on Five epic cards and a Chance on Legend, Why not add a Guaranteed chance on one card and One Legend? Has Difference in Drop rates and crud and probably costs around 500-600 Tokens?


@Misfit if I recall had this very idea a while ago. With a poll, but sadly Sarah/Mohadib either ignored it or didn’t want to add anything remotely useful for us.


Hmm, if TS to release such box with current cost/%, price of this box would be:

100:X*75 for one guaranteed legendary
X - leg %

e.g X=5%

20*75=1500 tokens for 1 guaranteed legendary item

Nobody would buy them

Make them cheaper? “Bad for TS”

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They made a box full of relics for 2500 tokens so this box would cost even more than 1500 tokens