LEGEND ROBOTS clan lounge/recruitment


I would just like to say that anybody rank 5 and up can join my clan we are in the top 150-200 clans, and anybody already in the clan can get in touch with me here.

We need people in the legend robots clan

hi look at my mech


I like it but you need to change your torso to something that goes up to myth
other then that just keep upgrading
(if you get an annihilation then change that for the backbreaker)


can my friend join now


are you listening respond


yes sorry he can join


what is his in game name


he is doing the portal soon


I did it on insane and got a second annihilation


ready he is ready to join the clan


game name is anubis and jdog_575


ready to go hurry up


just tell them to join in 1 min
I have to change the requirements


ok got and thank you


there changed it they can join now


here is a picture of my mech i am wrecking with it


they said hi nsme anubis


there he has joined the clan


now my other friend needs to join name jdog_575


okay he can join now