"Legacy" weapons?

I understand that there’s now a limit in place on how many items a person can keep without penalty. Fine. I figure that I can burn off some excess items I’ve accumulated by boosting my machines.

I can boost the new torsos and legs just fine, but it’s not letting me boost anything marked as “legacy”, which is anything from the previous versions of the game.



So I’m supposed to get rid of items to get new ones. But I can’t get rid of items if I can’t fuse them to make things. So I’m stuck with old items and weapons I can’t upgrade?

Basically its a trap man, we need tokens and sm coins to buy new items but also use sm coins to fuse which is hard af but since we have so many “legacy items” and its so easy to upgrade now, our money is getting chowed down, and they givin us a time limit to get rid of the items soooo, yea, they probably WANT us to buy tokens to buy smcoins.


at least lets us to sell them. i have so many legacy items (655 left) and no gold… its IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of them in this hours. and then ,no more items… Nice game but i think its time to uninstall it.

I agree. Legacy items have terrible upgrade value (from what I have read anyway…) and the cost to fuse them to new ones is insane.

So many items… not enough gold to upgrade… and running out of time. brilliant.


Read and leave your opinions.


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I’m at the point now to where I need “legendary” items - or better - to upgrade some of my items.

Well, I have plenty of legendary items… but they’re all legacy items. The game isn’t set up to allow the use of legacy items in fusing something to the next category of value.

As such, those legacy “legendary” items are sitting in my inventory doing nothing but taking up slots, and I can’t actually use them to boost items above and beyond the raw boost point value, which is rather a waste.

Please, can we use legacy items to boost the categories of new items?


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the game marches towards total destruction, since it is no longer fun, it is practically not a multiplayer game like before, since it now needs to be uselessly too much time in the campaign, and little time in multiplayer, that will make the levels of boredom end up causing many to leave the game soon, as it is possible that the maximum level of only 2 items of the lowest level possible when you only have an average of 60 or 80 credits to play the campaign and that level costs 14 credits ie spend all credits and only get 8 to 10 weapons that nothing serves you to improve because you need legendary or weapons that can reach mythical everything else is garbage, this way when you get better?
the previous versions allowed the players to dedicate themselves and saw the fruit of their effort and that made them want this game because you saw the improvements, now with these conditions nobody is excited the contrary to daily important players abandon the game another many only enter play a couple of weeks and they retire by themselves a boring game due to the current conditions of game …

not to mention the little or useless possibility of blocking and penalizing players who have used traps and been reported, it only says if we will review them and not block them, and the worst thing is that all players know that those accounts are doubtful accounts or accounts that have been cheated the only ones who do not know are you and now we all know that they do not have the ability to discover when a player cheats, that will cause when a new fault comes out everyone will absolutely use it because it is already known its little capacity to penalize the offenders …



Seriously - please modify the game to allow us to use legacy equipment in boosting items.

I’m well past the item slot limit, with the bulk of that being legacy items, some of which are straight-up “legendary” in status. By all rights I should be able to fuse these to boost the new items to the higher levels (uncommon to rare, rare to legendary, legendary to mythical, et cetra). After all, it’s the reason why I’m hanging on to these things in the first place.

But under the current rules, they do me no good. They’re only worth what I’d get by fusing them to level everything up, and are useless for boosting items to the next level of rarity.

This has me in a no-win situation.


What are legacy items??

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Legacy items are the OLD game items, most had to be scraped for upgrading the new stuff. There was a few items still worthy of keeping, at least until new items are acquired better than the Legacy stuff…

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Thing is, some of the “legacy” items are superior to the newer items right out the gate, such that hanging on to them sounds like the better idea at least in the short term.

If people want me to let these items go, then something’s got to give… like letting me use the legacy things to boost something to the next level rather than just fusing it for points.

Yes you should keep older worthy stuff at least until you get newer replacement of same or similar weapon. Some of the older usable weapons had NO electric use so they were good against ELE bots.
I still use my Lava Spray Mark II, I just wish I upgraded a lot higher before the NEW game took over.

They gave us 100 more open slots in inventory which helps BUT they also added 100 tokens to the cost of new slots if you want to buy them so that’s 125 tokens for a measly 5 slots. Again wish I new a head of time I would have paid the 25 tokens per 5 :rage:

Just absolutely don’t fall for that power kit scam. Each item you put into a power kit upgrade gives less upgrade points then if you just fused it directly to an item plus all the extra gold it costs times 2, 1 for boosting power kit then another for boosting the item you use the kit on later.