Legacy Player unable to play


I had 1000+ items on my old account over at kongregate, I used the legacy converter to destroy everything except for what my mechs are wearing, but the feed power is clogging my inventory to the point that i cannot get any new things, and therefore cant use the feed power since its only able to be used to upgrade non legacy items. I have 353/200 inventory space and its almost all feed power, 200 of those being maxed legendaries. I cant fuse feed power with feed power, i cant buy new slots because 5 cost a whopping 125T, and worst of all Ive gotten zero response from Support to aid me. If anyone has any ideas, or if there are any devs, or if anyone knows how to get in touch with one, I would be greatly obliged. Thank You.


Welp ,start a new account buddy.


I have. Its just very frusturating considering the amount of time I put into that old account. I used to be a top player, now my mech gets 2 shot in rank 9, I have so much feed power so I know I could get back into it but- ugh. but yea ive started a new one on here


I had exactly same problem, maybe I can help you :exclamation:

In game name :question:



It is Seth (on Kong)


Never heard of a Top Player named like this, but ok, maybe you meant on Kong, there I am not.

Ok 3 solutions for your problem …

  • buy inventory slots (that helps to speed up solution 2)

  • go step by step lower with your inventory, meaning boost 1 (I am sure you have at least 1 item or at least a few items), so you go lower with your inventory
    baby step by baby step … thats the hardest solution, it takes months

  • ask @Sarah247 (pm her here) or send an official technic suppoort ticket via game … they can “help” kinda deleting unnessesary items from your account, so you will have at least a few spots free

Hope that helped :exclamation:



nah i mean even after the kong supermech mashup, I was maxed at 32nd in the world stayed in top 50 for a while usually top 10 online. Dropped pretty far when I took a break for a couple weeks and a new wave of leggies came out because the power creep is insane in this game. Inventory slots cost 125T for 5 for me, and I have no non legacy items to boost unfortunately. Ill go ahead and PM sarah though


@Sarah247 do you think you could help me? delete some items or something


The power kits are legacies too ?

(from legacy converter)


yes theyre all from the legacy converter @YGGM


@YGGM meant you can boost legancy items into the new Power Units (they are boostable) :exclamation:



meant you can boost legancy items into the new Power Units (they are boostable)

I dont understand- what do you mean? I tried to fuse some of the power units together but I was unable to. Is there something Im missing?


Yes, that should work to boost a Power Unit into a Power Unit :exclamation:

It cost Gold, maybe you have to less Gold to boost it :question:


i have a couple hundred thousand gold so i dont think thats the issue, All my power units are maxed level they need to be combined and i cant seem to combine power units into power units


Oh yes, if the converter gives maxed Power Units, its a problem ( I didn’t thought about that) …

… so you “run against same wall” as others players did before …

@Sarah247@Mohadib please help him :exclamation:



yea it appears so u.u thank you for taking the time to try and help