Legacy player - full inventory

So basically I got on my other account which I did not use in a very long time.So I got a lot of mythical items and no space to get new items like 276/200 so I can t upgrade anything or open boxes.So could you like add some storage space so I could get rid of the items or just do something…

You could use the legacy converter.
It transforms all legacy items into powerkits, this will reduce the overall number of items by 15-40%.
But be sure befor you do that that you equip on the mechs rhe items you wanna keep Ex: 1kg teleports, 4,8,12 kg shields, 2use hooks and charges and teleports, push wepons like bully etc.
If you equip them they wont be transformed.
Trust me you wanna keep those.
Be carefull when using the legacy converter.

I already converted it and kept some items but now I m stuck with the powerkits.And I can t do anything.

fuse em away if you need help farming, go here.

I can t open any boxes so I can t get any items to fuse with and my storage is 276/200.

You can contact the support then, they usually delete some of your items in these cases.

I ll try that.Thx bro.

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