Legacy people come here


Hey legacy players. I’m just wondering what it was like back in the legacy ages. So,1st off:
1: What were the stats/weapons?
2: How many big updates were there?
3: What was the campaign like before the updates?


1-The weapon damage was mostly below 200 damage
2-I wasn’t active a lot but i never actually witnessed frequent updates,only big update i remember were when mythicals came along
3-near the end of non reloaded sm and beginning of reloaded,the campaign resembled the campaign in the present,but if you wanna go father back,the campaign was basically a whole map of the earth with levels getting harder every level you advanced
that’s basically all i remember


The weapons are still Physical, Energy and Heat.

Physicals either needs Energy/Heat costs or Bullets. But there’s a special Mythical Rocket Launcher that needs rockets.

Energies needs only Energy costs. But there’s a special Mythical Gun and Rocket Launcher that needs bullets and rockets.

Heaters needs either Heat costs or Rockets. But again, there’s a special Mythical Gun that needs bullets.

A lot actually. Like on how the very first campaign was released, the first ever mythical, and Clans etc.

The very first campaign was a blue, world map only. Had no other lands. From Canada to Vietnam it went down, and it got harder the lower you get.

2nd campaign was an extremely vast landscape that has mixed weathers and stuff. To unlock these levels, you have to get Keys to unlock Hard and Insane missions.

3rd campaign is the same campaign, but they removed keys all together.

4th campaign is the campaign we have today. Except then, you can’t repeat levels, and had no Hard and Insane difficulty. And was the time when BIGBOY drops 100% Epics/Legends.

5th campaign is when repeating levels is now good.

6th campaign is where Hard and Insane is now implemented.

And the last campaign, is the 2v2 Campaign.


i used to play it back when everyone had atleast 5 weapons on them and heat/ rocket mechs used to rule. i still dont get why they removed those dragon faces from flame throwers , they looked cool.


We have another campaing before world map, It represents the flow of enemies that you meet on your way by choosing a bonus for the fight (10-30% damage/energy damage/heat damahe and etc) and if you lose you return to previous enemy


Remember the update where you must use bullet modules to fire bullet weapons?
You had to sacrifice stats for that.



For me, that was not considered as a campaign for me actually. But whatever you say goldilocks.


hqdefault actually its looks like it ( not mine pic)


Haha, I do remember this just like I said earlier.

One thing though, I can’t remember the name of that toothed sword… All I know is it got a change of sprite long after.


the world map campaign



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They could do 200 damage the most. And only mythical weapons could do over 100 damage. There were also weapons that didn’t do any damage, but would just drain the enemy’s resistance. Many weapons required bullets and rockets. You were able to put rocket modules and bullet modules on your mech so you can use those weapons. None of them were OP at least in my experience.

New interface and new campaign, Hard and Insane mode, and some else stuff. But they really did focus on improving gameplay back then as much as possible.

Bigger tokens rewards. They ranged from 5 - 20. Normal missions would give you 5 or 10, side missions would give you 10-15, and boss missions would usually give you 20. And the box that you get for defeating a boss were a lot better, you would always get legendaries and mythicals. By the way, there were only legacy mechs in campaign.

P. S. There was no inventory limit. And you were able to get mythicals from boxes.